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  • Convert Kindle ebook to images?
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  • Free (nook/Kindle/Kobo/iTunes) Deeper: Living in Reality of God's Love [Christian]
  • Free (Kindle/Kobo UK) Uptown Girl by Olivia Goldsmith [Chick-Lit Romantic Comedy]
  • Greeeetings and salutations.
  • Has anyone encountered this error message when checking out via Overdrive?
  • Can we stop storing metadata in the filesystem please?
  • Romance Dreams's End - Thorne Smith
  • Is there any Mobi reader with highlight support?
  • New update repeatedly crashing
  • New Cover not Syncing
  • Trying to load the Icarus firmware back on Icarus EXcel
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    Mouse scrolling settings?


    Is there a way to set the scroll sensitivity? I like my mouse wheel scroll overall but it moves many pages in Calibre which makes it hard to follow where I am in the browser. I would like it if it would page up and down line by line. Is it possible to set this kind of sensitivity in C?


    Free (Kindle/Kobo UK) Adventures of J. Spectre [YA Psychic Technopocalypse Romance]

    The Adventures of Jillian Spectre by Nic Tatano is the 1st novel in her YA series of psychically gifted teen saving the world from an upcoming technopocalypse urban fantasy romances, free courtesy of publisher HarperCollins' HarperImpulse imprint.

    Currently free @ Amazon UK & iTunes & Kobo (both probably only available to the UK). May also drop later @ B&N UK (linked for your price-drop-check convenience) as they seem to have gotten all the other HarperImpulse freebies to date.

    This seems unlikely to go free in other countries' stores. The UK gets quite a few exclusive freebies, especially from the HarperImpulse line, it would seem.

    Nevertheless, there are a few of the HarperImpulse freebie tie-in novellas and short stories which you may also wish to check for (mostly UK-only, but a handful are available to Canadians).

    Here's some easy store linkage to pull up most of them amidst all the standard promo samplers (you'll have to check iTunes manually for the matching titles): Amazon main & UK, B&N (also UK), Kobo, Google Play.

    Welcome to the Mystic Quarter… Jillian Spectre knows what happens after you die. Because the seventeen-year-old mystic seer can see the future of her clients even after they've passed on. And that's not even her coolest power… She can be in two places at once. Problem is, her heart can only be in one.

    Supernatural abilities aside, she's a typical high school senior torn between two guys. But that takes a back burner when she discovers the father she had long assumed was dead is actually alive, with unique powers of his own. He's a technopath, with the ability to interface his mind with technology. And he's got a plan to take down society. Unless Jillian can stop him.

    This is the story of a very special girl who learns that the power of love is more important than supernatural powers.

    Convert Kindle ebook to images?

    Is there any way to output image files for each page of a Kindle ebook? Maybe just a folder of 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, etc? Or a PDF of static images?

    Thanks for the help!

    Free (nook/Kindle/iTunes/DRM-free) Be Complete: Colossians [Xtian Theology Advice]

    Be Complete (Colossians): Become the Whole Person God Intends You to Be by Warren W. Wiersbe is is a biblically-based theological study cum self-improvement advice guide, free courtesy of Christian publisher David C. Cook.

    Currently free, probably just for the next day @ B&N, Amazon (available to Canadians and in the UK), Google Play (available to Canadians), iTunes (not available to Canadians), and also ChristianBook (DRM-Free ePub available to selected countries) & BookShout (available for online reading & app download), and possibly several other stores linked in the publisher's catalogue page.

    We live in an age when everyone is trying to live richer, fuller lives. We're told to buy this, try that, eat those, and say no to the rest, as if that's all we need to do to make our lives complete.

    Two thousand years ago, the church at Colossae faced similar challenges. The apostle Paul wrote a letter outlining the only way we can live complete lives: Christ. What can we learn today from this ancient church?

    Called by many scholars the "most profound letter Paul ever wrote," Colossians warrants a careful, faithful study. In this short but exciting letter, Paul makes the case for the supremacy of Christ in all things. Best-selling author and teacher Warren W. Wiersbe calls your attention to Paul's essential thoughts on living a complete life.

    Free (nook/Kindle/Kobo/iTunes) Deeper: Living in Reality of God's Love [Christian]

    Deeper: Living in the Reality of God's Love by Debbie Alsdorf is some kind of inspirational faith affirmation for women, free courtesy of Christian publisher Baker's Revell imprint.

    This is a repeat from late last year.

    Currently free, probably just for a day @ B&N, Amazon UK (slated to drop in the main store after midnight), Kobo & iTunes & Google Play (all available to Canadians), and Christian Book (ADE-DRM ePub available worldwide). You can also add it to your online reading library @ BookShout, but there doesn't seem to be a non-app way to download it.

    We often believe things about ourselves that do not line up with God's truth. We think our worth is based on performance or possessions, that we have to be perfect to be loved, or that we're too ordinary to be used by God. Deeper tears down these lies and teaches women to replace them with four truths from Psalm 139¬óGod knows me, he protects me, he made me, he values me.

    Using compelling narrative and Scripture, Deeper helps women transform their lives by trusting in the reality of God's love. Instead of striving for perfection and worth, readers can rest in the truth that they are his.

    Free (Kindle/Kobo UK) Uptown Girl by Olivia Goldsmith [Chick-Lit Romantic Comedy]

    Uptown Girl by the late Olivia Goldsmith is a romantic comedy from the noted chick-lit writer, free courtesy of publisher HarperCollins.

    This is a repeat from sometime in 2012.

    Currently free @ Amazon UK & Kobo (probably only available to the UK).

    May or may not also show up at the UK stores for B&N (linked for your price-drop-check convenience), iTunes, and Google Play, but I can't easily check the latter, so you'll have to do that yourself.

    Unlikely to show up in other countries, as this edition doesn't even exist in North America.

    There's something about Billy Nolan. It's not just that he's wickedly attractive, it's that any woman he dates and dumps (and he dates and dumps them all) immediately goes on to marry someone else.

    Sassy, uptown New Yorker Kate, is immune to Billy's charms but perhaps the 'Billy effect' will work for Kate's friend, Bina, who has fallen apart because her almost-fiancé, Jack, is going away to 'explore his singleness'. All Kate has to do is get Billy to date Bina and dump her Рand then await Jack's return and watch the magic happen.

    It's a great plan and at first it seems to be working. But the one thing Kate hasn't considered is how Billy feels about it all…

    Greeeetings and salutations.

    Hello there peeps and peepettes!

    This is your friendly neighborhood kuukuu making a landing on this site. nice to meet you all!

    Has anyone encountered this error message when checking out via Overdrive?

    There are ebooks that I had on hold a the Hennepin County Library Overdrive site. However when I log in to my account I get the following error message : Please check out your items at the circulation desk. I had my husband check his account also and he had the same error message. The library is closed today for the holiday so I can't contact anyone. Have you had the same error message? I wonder if it's a glitch in our accounts or just generally a problem with Overdrive. I'm all paid up on my account in terms of fines and my husband owes less than the amount that they would block access to ebooks. In the meantime, has anyone seen this error message before?

    Can we stop storing metadata in the filesystem please?

    The long explanation of why we aren't allowed to alter the directory structure of Calibre begins with pointing out the disadvantages of storing metadata in the filesystem.

    But Calibre stores metadata - specifically the author and title - in the filesystem. In two places each. The author happens to be one of the specific things that the aforementioned long explanation cites as problematic.

    If Calibre could refrain from doing this, it would also be more compatible with other software that has its own requirements for filesystem use. Such as Nook, which is useful for downloading files from Barnes & Noble but cannot handle subdirectories and gets confused if the name of one of its files - which includes a catalog number - is changed.

    Romance Dreams's End - Thorne Smith

    This was Smith's least successful book. This book was made available to me through the kind work of the staff at the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy in Toronto.

    If anyone is interested, I can also make the page images available as well. I've attempted to proof the book as well as I can. Another set of eyes would not be unwelcome.

    Is there any Mobi reader with highlight support?


    I'm Yann, nice to meet you. I have been reading this forum for some time, only now I registered.

    I search for a windows desktop app that can read a mobi file and that is able to make and show highlights.

    My goal is to be able open a mobi file that is stored on my Calibre library with one desktop app, add a highlight to the text, save it, send the file to a Kindle 4 and read the book with the highlight on the Kindle.

    The Kindle for PC does that, but it always copies the mobi file to its library and saves the highlights on a unknow file.

    While reading this forum, I found the AZARDI app, it has highlight support, but works only with ePUB and doesn't have search support. It is not suitable for my use case.

    Do you know of any app that I could use and that conforms to what I need?

    New update repeatedly crashing

    I've just installed the latest CC update, and straight away the app stopped working. Everytime I click on the icon, the basic page is brought up without books for a split second, and then the screen goes black. It then goes to my tablet homepage and says that CC has crashed and to either send a report or just 'okay'. It worked before the update (literally, I was on it 10 mins before I updated and it was fine), and the crashing started *immediately* after I updated. I've sent 2 reports too (just fyi).

    Can anyone help please? (BTW I can't use CC's debug, because it crashes straight away)


    New Cover not Syncing

    I edited the cover on a book in Calibre and then tried syncing it over to my iPad (via Content Server) but the new cover didn't go with it.
    Any idea why?
    Also, is there an easier way to get my books synced over to my iPad other than Content Server?

    Trying to load the Icarus firmware back on Icarus EXcel

    I decided to place the latest Onyx M92 firmware onto my Icarus eXcel 9.7 and it worked OK (I liked the multi-tasking function).

    At the moment I want to put the Icarus firmware back on the device (available from their website) but when I put on the SD Card and reset the device for firmware boot, it merely bypasses the card and doesn't detect the firmware update.

    Would anyone know what I have to do to get the Icarus firmware back on the device?

    Thanks. :)

    P.S. the Onyx M92 firmware was taken from

    MediaMonkey Gold for free using TrialPay

    MediaMonkey media organizer has a deal going at the moment whereby you can get the paid Gold version for free, instead of paying USD24.95, if you use a promo called TrialPay.

    Here's a link to the download page - click on MediaMonkey Gold

    here's a short video explaining how it works, and the following description:


    How does this work?

    Try or buy one offer from your preferred brands and get your favorite products—free. TrialPay uses money from the advertiser to pay for your product. It's that easy.
    Anyone used TrialPay before?

    Anyone bought MediaMonkey Gold using this method?


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