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  • Kobo wifi n647b factory disk image
  • Should I upgrade to 5.7.2
  • New York Times recipe missing articles occasionally
  • Touch Kobo as home automation display
  • Please don't downscale or convert my images, ebook-convert !
  • Overdrive and 0 copies, why?
  • Children Hoffmann, E.T.A.: Nußknacker und Mausekönig (Illustrated), (German), V1, 9 Feb 2016
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    Aura Calibre 2.50.1 (Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit) not compatible with Kobo Aura

    I recently upgraded my calibre from 2.40 to 2.50.1 and discovered that I can no longer send any books to my device! The "send to device" menu actually flickers and when you do choose a particular "send to" command there is no effect; the menu is still present (as if you didn't choose anything) and no jobs are started.

    After the problem occurred, I went into a different Ubuntu and its calibre 2.40 worked with the same device and Calibre Library, but again once I upgraded to the latest (2.50.1) it stopped working in exactly the same manner. Installing the updated plug-ins after upgrading has no effect.

    Has anyone had the same problem?

    The software version on my device is 3.19.5761 dated 12/29/2015, and a factory reset made no difference.


    Other Fiction Dickens, Charles: Oliver Twist (Ü. Seybt). V1. [German] 9.2.2016

    Netseeker hat von diesem Werk vor Jahren bereits eine andere Übersetzung eingestellt, die von Gustav Meyrink.
    Eine der frühesten Übersetzungen, die noch den Geist der Entstehungszeit des Romans atmet, ist die von Julius Seybt. Sie ist zwischen 1838 (Erscheinen des Originals in Fortsetzungen) und 1844 (für dieses Jahr ist die dritte Auflage gesichert) erschienen; 1874 wurde sie im Reclam-Verlag in einer überarbeiteten (nicht gekürzten!) Fassung, die Paul Seliger erstellte, neu herausgebracht. Neben der Übertragung von Carl Kolb ist die von Seybt die wohl am weitesten verbreitete.

    Das Cover macht Gebrauch von einer Originalillustration aus der englischen Erstausgabe von George Cruikshank (mancher mag seine satirisch verzerrende Darstellung nicht; aber ich finde, sie passt ganz gut zu den z.T. grellen Inhalten).

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    Audible UK for U.S. resident?

    I have been listening to a book series by a British author, waiting patiently for the ninth book in the series to cross the pond, as all the previous ones had. Lo and behold, book 10 in the series has made it to the U.S., but inexplicably book 9 is not available to me (not as an audiobook, not even as an e-book). I thought of buying a CD version and having it shipped to me, but I can only find wildly overpriced copies.

    So ... since Audible UK has the title available, is there a relatively simple way for me to get the audiobook? (If I were able to sign up for a free trial, I could even get it for nothing!) I've never tried to bypass geo restrictions and don't understand AT ALL how to do it. Can anyone help?

    Kobo wifi n647b factory disk image

    Hello all. I have a kobo n647b that is stuck in the loading page. It will not go any further and will not connect to any pc. I have tried resetting it with all the methods possible and nothing changes. Would anyone be kind enough to send me a factory standard image? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Should I upgrade to 5.7.2

    I have the jailbreak, so should I update?

    New York Times recipe missing articles occasionally

    I have had an occasional issue with the New York Times recipe including some articles in the Kindle's "Section's & Articles" index page but selecting the article there brings up the following article. So, the article is in the index page but the article content appears not to have been captured.

    This happened today with the article "Traveling Through Venezuela,
    a Country Teetering on the Brink
    ." The article is listed in today's paper and was in the index but not in the download. I'd strongly wager it has something to do with the article being a feature that has a big photo at the top -- the content scraper probably has issues with that big photo.

    Touch Kobo as home automation display

    I thought I would share what I have done in terms of using my kobo touch as the dispay interface to my home automation system [].

    I hacked the Kobo with Marek's debian image and used python and qt quick as the language and ui frameworks respectively.

    The Kobo gets data from openhab via REST and display some of the data available. It also has buttons that can be pressed to switch on bedlights, etc linked to my home automation system.

    Im displaying the following information retrieved from openhab:
    - alarm state and open windows and doors
    - sunrise and sunset times
    - time and date
    - electricity units left in the meter
    - Energy power - total, fridges, geyser, pool, irrigation.
    - chance of rain, current temperature [from sensors in the house]
    - forecast temperature for today
    - wind today
    - weekly weather forecast
    - state of my bedlight and electric blanket as button which can switch them on/off as well.

    Ive added the app called QOK [Qt on Kobo - how original!! :D ] to the awesome menu.
    Ive also added UsbNet to the menu, although I use wifi at home.

    I framed it also using my unused dremel for the waf. :thumbsup:

    Now my next project is to do boat automation using the kobo display in full sun with the intention to use phonegap apps on the android image of kobo.:chinscratch:

    Here are the pictures:

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    Please don't downscale or convert my images, ebook-convert !

    Hi Mobile Read community !

    As mentioned before here on this forum, I'm trying to convert an CBZ file containing a serie of jpg file into an EPUB... and to be Amazon compliant... to distribute my first comic.

    But... ! Amazon now recommend large HD image files (see p.53) and a 1920x1200 definition is a minimum... :bookworm:

    for now I have 1020x1447 px images (to be upgraded if needed), and I just what them to be kept as they are.
    And converting to an epub command line, I can't find a way to stop calibre down-scaling them to 531x754, and converting them to png which result in smaller images and increased kilobytes :angry: !

    here is the command line I use :


    ebook-convert $joinedfilename.cbz $joinedfilename.epub --authors "$creator" --publisher "$creator" --title "$title" --isbn "$ebookIsbn" --pubdate "$pubDate" --no-default-epub-cover --dont-grayscale --dont-normalize --keep-aspect-ratio --comic-image-size "1020x1447" --disable-trim --dont-add-comic-pages-to-toc --wide
    and processing I always get :

    Rescaling image from 1020x1447 to 531x754 0_0.png
    the option --comic-image-size "1020x1447" doesn't look to do anything...

    Any idea ?
    Is there another command line option ? should I use another input format ?
    Thanks in advance !

    Overdrive and 0 copies, why?

    Why is it that when I look at different libraries Overdrive eBooks I see some of them show 0 copies available. Are publishers pulling their eBooks after the libraries have paid for them? Is it a glitch? Does anybody know what is going on?

    Children Hoffmann, E.T.A.: Nußknacker und Mausekönig (Illustrated), (German), V1, 9 Feb 2016

    Nußknacker und Mausekönig von E.T.A. Hoffmann (1776-1822)
    Illustriert von “Bertall” [Charles Albert d'Arnoux] (1820–1882)

    Erstveröffentlichung 1816.
    Text und Illustrationen sind weltweit gemeinfrei, da Autor und Illustrator beide vor über 100 jahren gestorben sind.

    Ernst Theodor Amadeus (eigtl. Wilhelm) Hoffmann, deutscher Schriftsteller, Komponist und Künstler der Romantik, ist bekannt durch seine Erzählungen, in denen übernatürliche und dunkle Figuren in das Leben der Menschen eingreifen und dabei auf oft ironische Weise tragische oder groteske Seiten des menschlichen Wesens aufdecken.

    Nußknacker und Mausekönig entstand 1816. Das liebste Weihnachtsgeschenk der jungen Marie Stahlbaum, der Nußknacker, wird lebendig, besiegt den bösen, siebenköpfigen Mausekönig und zeigt Marie ein magisches, von Puppen bevölkertes Königreich. Eine unheimliche Aura umgibt den manchmal merkwürdig finsteren Paten Droßelmeier.

    Die 1845 entstandene Adaption durch Alexandre Dumas père, “Histoire d’un casse-noisette,” bildete die Grundlage des berühmten und beliebten Nußknacker-Balletts von Marius Petipa und Lev Ivanov zur Musik von Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski, das von vielen Theatern und Opernhäusern regelmäßig um die Weihnachtszeit aufgeführt wird.

    Dies ist die deutsche Ausgabe des ursprünglich von GrannyGrump in englischer Übersetzung hier eingestellten Buchs. Sie hat darauf bestanden, dass ich die deutsche Fassung hochlade, doch eigentlich hätte sie es tun sollen. Die Aufbereitung der Illustrationen, die Gestaltung des Umschlags sowie das Layout des gesamten Buches (also der Löwenanteil) sind ihre Arbeit. Diese deutsche Version gäbe es nicht ohne ihre englische. Ich habe lediglich den deutschen Text überarbeitet und in ein schon perfekt gestaltetes Buch hineinkopiert.

    This is the German version of a book originally produced in an English version by GrannyGrump. She insisted I upload this German version, but she should have done so. The cleaning-up of the illustrations, the cover design and layout and design of the whole book (i.e. the lion's share of the work) are hers. This German version couldn't exist without her English one. I am only responsible for looking through the German text and pasting it into an already perfectly formatted book.

    Folgende Quellen wurden verwendet:

    Für die Illustrationen: HathiTrust (Scan der Ausgabe bei T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1892).
    Zusätzliche Illustrationen von Bertall: HathiTrust (Scan der Adaption von Alexandre Dumas père, Chapman & Hall, 1847).

    Der Text ist eine »behutsam modernisierte« Version der in der Erstausgabe der Serapionsbrüder (Berlin: G. Reimer, 1819) erschienenen Fassung (Scan bei der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek). Beibehalten wurden Groß- und Klein-, sowie Getrennt- und Zusammenschreibung, die Laut-Buchstaben-Zuordnung entspricht hingegen den Regeln vor 1996. Die Interpunktion wurde beibehalten – bis auf die im Original völlig inkonsistente Kennzeichnung der wörtlichen Rede.

    Glo Kobo Glo problem

    Hi, I have a kobo glo that has a problem. It's is stuck at "battery is almost dead", 0% battery remain. I've tried all reset and I've charge it for days, nothing changed, the display is stuck at this pop-up....
    So, I've tried to follow this guide, an user gave me his .img and I've written it to the formatted micro sd (I've used the original 2gb micro sd card that was in the kobo, is it a problem?).
    Then there is a problem with this passage:

    Next load up “MiniTool® Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.8”.Right click it and select Extend.
    From here move the slider all the way to the right. You should see a total of both the unallocated space and the KOBOeReader partition.
    I can't extend the kobo ereader partition. It says: "The last operation will create an overlapping partition.It's a tool of MiniTool Partition Wizard. And your last operation will be cancelled". I've tried with 3 Notebook but always I received the same error. So I've tried to put the micro SD into the kobo but anyway it doesn't work.
    So, what I have to do? I have to buy a new sd? I could try with Ubuntu? Or probably is it not a problem of the micro sd but of the kobo?
    HELP ME PLEASE, sorry for my bad english!

    KV A few questions

    Hello all,

    Sorry, I have searched but was unable to find an answer (may be lack of coffee).

    1) Do NiLuJe's RP and CRP in the snapshot thread support the KV at this point? I have read the changelog in the CRP but couldn't spot any mention of the KV.

    2) How would one go about restoring the jailbreak (bridge pack installed) after updating to the newer firmware? (Now I am certain this will be explained somewhere in the forum I think it's going to be one of those days for me)

    Thanks and sorry if you've already answered these questions before.

    Nook Glowlight (not plus) cases?

    I got a new nook glowlight recently, and I'm pretty disappointed in what I'm finding for cases, even basic sleeves for it. The barnes and noble site lists a few, though finding the category on their site directly is impossible, and then you find that none of them are available to order. I'm finding little on other sites either.
    Anyone have any recommendations? I'm thinking something simple like a sleeve case just to protect it while I'm carrying it. The clip on and flip cases I'm seeing photos of aren't impressing me.

    By the way, why no new subforums since nook color and tablet? and no prefixes besides touch and classic?

    Embed fonts in mobi

    When I submit a mobi file to Kindle, all the embedded fonts--which show up fine on my Kndle Fire--are stripped. Without them, my book is useless. Is there any way to get around this?
    If I convert the book to azw3 in Calibre, it gets slightly smaller by condensing the fonts, but Kindle doesn't accept this format and I'm not sure they would do the stripping there, too.
    This is most frustrating. EPUB makes it sooo simple. Why does Amazon make it impossible?

    KV Can we extract the Kaiti font from kindle voyage, which is not in firmware

    I knew there are tools to extract fonts from the firmware, but the Kaiti fonts in kindle voyage is not part of firmware. When you set the system language as Chinese and connect to wifi, start to read some Chinese books, kindle voyage will download fonts update pack some time later, which include the Kaiti font.

    How can we get this font? I want to use it in koreader, but it is not shown in koreader's font selection list (the host option was suppose to list the kindle system fonts, but this one is not in list), so I want to extract it and copy it to koreader fonts directory.


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