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  • Troubleshooting forget password Kindle Model DP75SDI
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  • PW2 How to backup u-boot , or modify it ?
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    Inconsistent Folder Names, Can't Figure it out

    I'm trying to figure out why Calibre is inconsistantly naming folders in my library.

    For example, I have a series of 21 books. I bulk edited the Author and Author Sort name to ensure they were ALL identical.

    I exported everything to files, and then nuked my library folder (to ensure that there was nothing residual).

    I then re-imported all the books.

    What I got was

    Two folders in my library
    "Frank; Brian Herbert; Kevin J. Ande"
    "Frank; Brian Herbert; Kevin J. Ander"

    The first has the first three books, and the other has the other eighteen.

    All metadata within Calibre shows it the same still. I can't figure out why it's doing this. I considered overall filename length, but it can't be that, because there are some longer titles in the second folder.

    Anyone have any idea?

    Kobo glo unresponsive

    My 3 y.o. glo was 'stuttering" showing the wrong recent book when sleeping, putting closed books at the end of the recently read section instead of the beginning, etc. I backed up on a linux machine and was ready to do my first ever back to factory default. I have .kobo and .koboimages

    However, it was out of case and it fell 2 feet. It will turn on if plugged into a usb via charger or via computer - but will not turn off or on via the power switch.

    The usual first screen will come on with no artifacts or cracks noted. Soon after the 'Computer detected" screen will overlay and the choice of cancel or connect is displayed. However all touch input is unresponsive.

    I can perform a hard reboot after removing the usb from power source, but again, neither the on/off switch nor the touch screend works.

    I can see on the router that it sees the kobo as but I cannot ssh in - but what username to use prior to @ and would that work to an unmodified kobo? Does it use an alternative port - not 22?

    1. Any ideas about a way to get into the unit via my wifi connection to it?

    2. Is there any chance I might see something that I could fix after opening it up after draining all power?

    3. Are there any parts inside that I would like to salvage if it is scrap

    Thanks in advance.

    When will the paper white go on sale again?

    I want to buy a paper white for my Dad. I had put it in my cart but forgot to checkout this past weekend. Is it likely to go on sale again anytime soon?

    Can't write to external card - rooted KitKat

    Charles, I have a new LG Volt phone running KitKat 4.4.2 and I can’t put books anywhere on the external SD card. It’s rooted stock, and I checked the permissions and they are fine in the “platform.xml” file. There are also many other apps currently installed writing to the external card, outside of the “Android” folder. CC is the only app I am having issues with.

    The odd things is I have another LG phone set up about a year ago almost identically to this new Volt, also running KitKat 4.4.2 and CC is writing to the external card just fine – to the exact same folder location on the external card that I am now trying to write to with the new phone. This older LG phone is running CC Thinking you might have made a very recent change to CC, I even put CC on the new phone, but it still can’t access the card.

    I also have two older Nook tablets, both running KitKat on custom CM ROMS that have been writing to the external card for well over a year without issue.

    When I try to connect with the new phone to Calibre by either the content server or other methods, a message pops up saying “CC cannot connect because the following book formats are stored in a read-only folder …” When I try to manually select the folders on the external card with CC, the furthest I can browse to is the “media_rw” folder and when I click that to try to get to “external_SD” instead I get this: “There was an error with the folder chosen and it could not be opened …”

    As a last resort, I could live with having to put books in only the private Android folder on the external card, but since I can’t browse to “external_SD,” I can’t even specify CC's private folder. :blink:

    I'm stumped as there is nothing about this phone that I can see which is different from my other KitKat devices in terms of permissions for the external card. Can this be fixed?


    Flight Crew: Premature end of document

    Sigil 0.9.1 is working great, except for one minor problem, which I'm sure is my fault. When I use Calibre's "Open With" plugin to open an epub with Sigil, and then run Flight Crew, I get the following error: Error Parsing Result XML: Premature end of document. (I don't receive this error if I open Sigil from the desktop.) Looks like a problem with the path, but I'm not sure how to fix it. Thanks for any help. Traceback below: Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\Sigil\plugin_launchers\python\", line 301, in sys.exit(main()) File "D:\Sigil\plugin_launchers\python\", line 262, in main bc = ValidationContainer(rk) File "D:\Sigil\plugin_launchers\python\", line 42, in __init__ super(ValidationContainer, self).__init__(wrapper, debug) File "D:\Sigil\plugin_launchers\python\", line 45, in __init__ self.hspell=HunspellChecker(wrapper.get_hunspell_path()) File "D:\Sigil\plugin_launchers\python\", line 43, in __init__ sys_hunspell_location = find_library('hunspell') File "D:\Python27\lib\ctypes\", line 53, in find_library for directory in os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep): File "D:\Python27\lib\", line 425, in __getitem__ return[key.upper()] KeyError: 'PATH'

    Troubleshooting forget password Kindle Model DP75SDI

    how can i recover my password on
    Kindle Model DP75SDI

    Literary bfisher Vote • December 2015

    Help choose the December 2015 selection to read for the MR Literary Club! Select from the following works: The Enormous Room ( by E.E. Cummings Cummings served as an ambulance driver during the World War I. In late August 1917 his friend B. was arrested by French security as a result of anti-war sentiments B. had expressed in some letters. When questioned, Cummings stood by his friend and was also arrested. Cummings thus spent over four months in the prison. He met a number of interesting characters and had many picaresque adventures, which he compiled into The Enormous Room. The book is written as a mix between Cummings' well-known unconventional grammar and diction and the witty voice of a young Harvard-educated intellectual in an absurd situation. The title of the book refers to the large room where Cummings slept beside thirty or so other prisoners. However, it also serves as an allegory for Cummings' mind and his memories of the prison - such that when he describes the many residents of his shared cell, they still live in the "enormous room" of his mind. Christ Stopped at Eboli ( by Carlo Levi Goodreads: It was to Lucania, a desolate land in southern Italy, that Carlo Levi—a doctor, painter, philosopher, and man of letters—was confined as a political prisoner because of his opposition to Italy's Fascist government at the start of the Ethiopian war in 1935. While there, Levi reflected on the harsh landscape and its inhabitants, peasants who lived the same lives their ancestors had, constantly fearing black magic and the near presence of death. In so doing, Levi offered a starkly beautiful and moving account of a place and a people living outside the boundaries of progress and time. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas ( by Gertrude Stein Goodreads: “Largely to amuse herself, [Gertrude Stein] wrote The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas in 1932...using as a sounding board her companion Miss Toklas, who had been with her for twenty-five years. It has been said that the writing takes on very much Miss Toklas' conversational style, and while this is true the style is still a variant of Miss Stein's conversation style. ...She usually insisted that writing is an entirely different thing from talking, and it is part of the miracle of this little scheme of objectification that she could by way of imitating Miss Toklas put in writing something of her own beautiful conversation. So that, aside from making a real present of her past, she created a figure of herself, established an identity a twin, a Doppelganger.... The book is full of the most lucid and shapely anecdotes, told in a purer and more closely fitting prose... than even Gide or Hemingway have ever commanded .... " -- Donald Sutherland The alternative story is that she wrote it for the money. More than half of it was published in the Atlantic Monthly in four installments. The Untouchable ( by John Banville Goodreads: One of the most dazzling and adventurous writers now working in English takes on the enigma of the Cambridge spies in a novel of exquisite menace, biting social comedy, and vertiginous moral complexity. The narrator is the elderly Victor Maskell, formerly of British intelligence, for many years art expert to the Queen. Now he has been unmasked as a Russian agent and subjected to a disgrace that is almost a kind of death. But at whose instigation? As Maskell retraces his tortuous path from his recruitment at Cambridge to the airless upper regions of the establishment, we discover a figure of manifold doubleness: Irishman and Englishman; husband, father, and lover of men; betrayer and dupe. Beautifully written, filled with convincing fictional portraits of Maskell's co-conspirators, and vibrant with the mysteries of loyalty and identity, The Untouchable places John Banville in the select company of both Conrad and le Carre. The Left Hand of Darkness ( by Ursula K. Le Guin Goodreads: A groundbreaking work of science fiction, The Left Hand of Darkness tells the story of a lone human emissary to Winter, an alien world whose inhabitants can choose -and change - their gender. His goal is to facilitate Winter's inclusion in a growing intergalactic civilization. But to do so he must bridge the gulf between his own views and those of the completely dissimilar culture that he encounters. Embracing the aspects of psychology, society, and human emotion on an alien world, The Left Hand of Darkness stands as a landmark achievement in the annals of intellectual science fiction. The Emigrants ( by W.G. Sebald Goodreads: At first The Emigrants appears simply to document the lives of four Jewish émigrés in the twentieth century. But gradually, as Sebald's precise, almost dreamlike prose begins to draw their stories, the four narrations merge into one overwhelming evocation of exile and loss. Written with a bone-dry sense of humour and a fascination with the oddness of existence The Emigrants is highly original in its heady mix of fact, memory and fiction and photographs. To the Lighthouse ( by Virginia Woolf Goodreads: To the Lighthouse is made up of three powerfully charged visions into the life of one family living in a summer house off the rocky coast of Scotland. As time winds its way through their lives, the Ramsays face, alone and simultaneously, the greatest of human challenges and it greatest triumph--the human capacity for change. A portrait in miniature of family life, it also has universal implications, giving language to the silent space that separates people and the space that they transgress to reach each other. Babette's Feast ( by Karen Blixen Goodreads: With the mysterious arrival of Babette, a refugee from France's civil war, life for two pious sisters and their tiny hamlet begins to change. Before long, Babette has convinced them to try something other than boiled codfish and ale bread: a gourmet French meal. Her feast scandalizes the elders, except for the visiting general. Just who is this strangely talented Babette, who has terrified this pious town with the prospect of losing their souls for enjoying too much earthly pleasure? Note from bfisher - a short novella or even a short story at 54 pages. It was adapted as a wonderful movie (in Danish, but available with subtitles) * The poll will be open for three days and a discussion thread will begin shortly after a winner is chosen. The vote is multiple choice. You may vote for as many or as few as you like. If you vote for the winner it is hoped that you will read the selection with the club and join in the discussion. Bonus votes: When the poll ends, bonus votes will be manually added before determining final results. Basically, anyone who has commented in two out of the last six discussion threads is eligible for bonus votes, and everyone eligible will have any votes cast doubled. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to vote if interested in participating in the literary club whether eligible for bonus votes or not, and anyone interested in bonus votes is encouraged to become eligible as it doesn’t take much. Currently eligible- BelleZora, bfisher, Bookpossum, Bookworm_Girl, caleb72, ccowie, fantasyfan, Hamlet53, HomeInMyShoes, issybird, Lynx-lynx, poohbear_nc, sun surfer This includes posts thus far in the May to November discussion threads. *There are a few caveats to eligibility as outlined in this post ( **If anyone feels there is any mistake in eligibility, please let me know before the poll is over. Once the poll ends and the tally with bonus votes added is announced, the results will be final. The rotating nominator (this month - bfisher) may not vote in the poll. In the event of a tie, there will be a one-day non-multiple-choice run-off poll where the nominator again may not vote. If the run-off also ends in a tie then the tie will be resolved by the nominator.

    PW2 How to backup u-boot , or modify it ?

    Hi everyone! i want to know how to backup the "u-boot" form my KPW2, u-boot mean the bootloader,right? i have the TTL now,but don't know use what command to backup it as a ".bin" file,when it can be backuped,i think we can modify something cool and flash it,let kindle has more function when it boots.:)

    Affiliate Links for "arcadata"- December 2015

    Here's the new thread for December 2015!


    Okay, so you may know me since I posted a lot of free and bargain books in this forum. I did add affiliate links to my posts before (the links may look like this->, but I've been told that isn't allowed anymore in the main forum. I'll be allowed to continue to post my affiliate links in this personal thread though.

    Basically, what happens is that I earn referral fees (starts at 4%) whenever a visitor follows my link to (or other sites) and then makes a qualifying purchase. It was a pretty good incentive for me to spend time here sharing any deals I found since I would get extra money per month to spend on books & apps!

    So, hopefully, if you don't mind me getting a commission, you'll come visit this thread and click on my links when you're planning to buy something! :thanks:

    FYI, For UK Kindlers:

    The Amazon Kindle Monthly Deals: Books £2.99 or less is a continuing promo for Amazon UK.


    Each month we feature a new selection of discounted Kindle books for £1.99 or less. The deals begin at 12:00 am on the first Tuesday of the month and expires at 11:59 pm on the first Monday of the following month.
    And here's the deal(s) for December 1! (continuing from November 2015)

    Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard from Lake Union Publishing (£0.99) is the Amazon UK Kindle Daily Deal (December 1) *Wait for price to reflect discount before 1-clicking


    Product Description

    From bestselling author Jackie Bouchard comes a heartwarming story of loss, love, and finding hope in unexpected places.

    If you lost both your husband and your dog within weeks of each other but were more devastated by the loss of the dog, would you tell anyone? Maybe your closest friends…Unfortunately, introvert Jane Bailey hasn’t made many friends in Philadelphia.

    So when her aunt and uncle ask her to come to Prescott, Arizona, to help at their B&B, Jane packs up and makes the move. On her way, she finds a scared stray at a rest stop. But Jane can’t bear the thought of ever loving and losing another dog. She’s determined not to let the mutt steal her heart. She’s also determined to have next to no interaction with the B&B’s demanding guests and its annoying (yet handsome) handyman. As the dog works her charm, soon Jane must admit that just as much as she rescued the dog, the dog has rescued her.

    Rescue Me, Maybe is the GOLD MEDAL Readers' Favorite award winner in the category Fiction-Animals!
    Sophie Someone by Hayley Long from Hot Key Books (£1.19) is the Amazon UK Kindle Daily Deal (December 1) *Wait for price to reflect discount before 1-clicking


    Product Description

    Shortlisted for the Costa Children's Book Award.

    A remarkable tale of confusion and betrayal - and a very special girl called Sophie.

    'Some stories are hard to tell.
    Even to your very best friend.
    And some words are hard to get out of your mouth. Because they spell out secrets that are too huge to be spoken out loud.
    But if you bottle them up, you might burst.
    So here's my story. Told the only way I dare tell it.'

    Sophie Nieuwenleven is sort of English and sort of Belgian. Sophie and her family came to live in Belgium when she was only four or five years old, but she's fourteen now and has never been quite sure why they left England in the first place. Then, one day, Sophie makes a startling discovery. Finally Sophie can unlock the mystery of who she really is. This is a story about identity and confusion - and feeling so utterly freaked out that you just can't put it into words. But it's also about hope. And the belief that, somehow, everything will work out OK.

    SOPHIE SOMEONE is a tale of well-intentioned but stupid parenting, shock, acceptance and, ultimately, forgiveness, written in a brave, memorable and unique language all of its own.

    Search and Replace; delete "author" name from "serie"

    I've a large collection of books in Calibre that has the 'author' name displayed in the 'serie' field. Too many to do a manual selection.
    Hence I'm looking for a search and replace expression that can check the author name from the 'author' field against the text in the 'serie' field and replace or remove that particular string from the 'serie' field.

    Validation Error epub3

    Can anyone help?
    I have this piece of code showing up as a warning after validation (the funny thing is that the code passes when you use EPubcheck 4.0.0 but when you use EPubcheck 3.0.1 this warning appears)

    background-image: -webkit-gradient(radial, 50% 50%, 0, 50% 50%, 26, from(white), color-stop(0.4, rgba(248,255,128,.5)), to(transparent) );

    The warning is "WARNING: file.epub/OEBPS/css/p09.css(2): Token ')' not allowed here"
    For the life of me I cannot see what is wrong - obviously something is but I cannot see it.

    I am trying to upload to Kobo who must be using the older version of EPubcheck as they say it does not validate properly.
    Thanks in advance

    searching comments

    Hi can calibre be made to search keywords from comments and how? tia

    Looking for a Developer: PDF creation tool for our books

    :help: Hey guys, not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I figured I'd give it a shot!

    We are a small publishing company that publishes a series of books. We want to create a tool that will automatically generate print-ready PDF's of our books. We are looking for a developer who can help us do this. Just a bit of info.
    • All of the books have the same layout, formatting, size, fonts, margins, etc.
      We have all of the content as text.
      The books are in Chinese and English.
      There are key words in the story that require underlining and footnotes
      There will be images inside the story content.

    If there is anyone who might be able to refer anyone, please msg me directly: Just an FYI, we are tech savvy and have developed our own tools to do other things of this nature. Thanks!

    Again, sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

    Suggestions for the Widget

    Currently I'm using the "CC Book Grid 3x1" with 4 covers. I have a Energy Sistem Pro+ Reader with Nova Launcher. Works very well :)

    I have resized the widget and set padding to off in Nova Laucher, so that the widget covers the entire width of the screen. However, the covers do not scale very well, as you can see on the image. They should fill the maximum space available for the widget, don't you think?
    And I guess the covers should be centered in their "box" and not "stacked" as on the image.

    I use a blank wallpaper, but optionally adding a border and an opaque background would be great, too. For those who like it it could be one of the "bookshelf" textures, but I would prefer a single color.

    Having a second widget with recently added books would be great, too.
    Same general layout than the other widgets, but instead of read books add the covers of recently added books in descending order. To distinguish the widgets you could add a small title in the upper left or right corner.

    Like on most stock eBook launchers one could then create two rows of covers with currently read and newly added books.

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    What is up with Amazon Prime?

    I've had Prime for several years....tonight trying to place orders they want to charge me almost $22 to shop my $73 order. All items were Prime items. So is anyone else have this problem. Needless to say I did NOT place the order.


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