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    PDF-to-epub: what settings to select?sf

    I need to convert this pdf book to epub format with the following requirements to the conversion:
    - no page numbers
    - the original line breaks removed
    - if different font types were taken into account, that would be nice.

    Could you please advise what settings one should selet to achieve that?

    Search changes?


    Has something changed with the search?

    I usually search for something weird (e.g. nnnnnnnnn) so that no books will be selected and I can use FanFicFare to download a story (if a book is highlighted, FFF tries to update that book, rather than allow me to paste in a URL).

    But now, when I search for anything, everything is returned but the correct title is highlighted (it took me a while to notice this). Which is okay, except for when I search for nonsense and everything is returned.

    Or, conversely, is there an easy way to have NO books selected (which is what I require with FFF)?


    Calibre 2.65.1
    Mac OS 10.10.5

    Edited: I've just noticed that when I search for nonsense, everything is returned, BUT nothing is selected (so that's okay for my purposes). Seems a little counterintuitive though (but I'm no UX expert!).

    Aura Case for Kobo Aura (first one)


    I'll give my old Aura to my wife when the One will be here and she wants a case. I look around on Amazon and it seems there's many for the Kobo Aura H2O / HD but not the normal Aura. Two questions;

    - What's the product code of the old Aura (I remember it was 900something)
    - Do you a suggestion for a case ?


    Basic reader /w backlight: Anything but Kindle? Kobo? Oxford Dictionary. Kindle?

    (You could increase the title size from 85 characters to at least 100.)

    I'm looking for a basic reader with LED light, good price/performance as an update to my aging Kindle 4. The LED light (and possibly 300 dpi? I don't know) and possibly improved UI would make for the difference. If it has a touchscreen as most readers have these days, it has to be capacitive, infrared sucks. Because of my reading, Oxford English (New American) dictionary is required. It is included, as far as I know, on Kindles, iBooks, it has been included on Sony Readers as well. Nooks, as far as I know had Merriam Webster, which sucks, but I have found no info on the Nook home page which dictionary is included on the currently offered on Nook model for $130. B&N Nook as a business is going downhill, as I'm reading on this very forum, they offer a single reader (in white only?), we are probably better skipping them. Right? The home pages of the $120 Kindle Paperwhite, newly announced Kobo Aura also do not show if they are capacitive or infrared. Any info on the scratch-resistency of the screens of any readers?

    Any European brands worth mentioning, like Tolino? The one offered with a capacitive touchscreen retails for EUR160, no info on the dictionary, again. The Kobo readers have no info on the type of dictionary included, again.

    I don't care about any store integration, first, experience shows I'm ending up reading lots of legally free long forms from the web, second, I allow no DRMed ebook to land on my reader, regardless in which shop I'm buying from. I can convert EBUP <> Kindle format back and forth with a click like everyone. I just thought I would try something else than an Amazon Kindle this time, because I prefer EPUB as a native, open format, it offers me the possibility to choose from more DRM-free sources, Amazon, the company became this big ugly monopoly, you know, with questionable policies (for their own employees as well), so I thought, why not try and support some other venture with my euros or dollars this time?

    Kobo as a company (For general support, updates, any hiccups that may occur)? I had these questions about the product (dictionary, the touchscreen being capacitive), I realized they discontinued their email customer service, which was kind of OK, then I just experienced possibly my worst customer service experience through their chat. I have no idea if they use native English speakers or not, but these people either have zero reading comprehension, compassion, understanding (still the less likely scenario in my view, it would be so inhuman), or just so bad company training which essentially denies them any meaningful interaction as a customer service agent via chat (sadly, this is the more likely scenario, I guess).

    Whatever reader I end up buying, hopefully it has a better software and interface than the old Kindle 4. I don't need any fancy, a minimalist interface can work, wonders.

    [Recipe] Contropiano - Italian web newspaper

    I'm attaching the recipe of an italian newspaper. (
    It's the first recipe I do, but I see it's working good, so I wanted to share it with the community for anyone who could be interested. Enjoy.


    from import BasicNewsRecipe

    class AdvancedUserRecipe(BasicNewsRecipe):
        title = u'Contropiano'
        oldest_article = 7
        max_articles_per_feed = 25
        language = 'it'
        __author__ = 'michele'
        remove_javascript = True
        no_stylesheets = True
        use_embedded_content = False
        remove_empty_feeds = True

        keep_only_tags = [
            dict(name='div', attrs={'class': ['category-archive single']}), dict(name='div', attrs={'class': ['content-post']})
        remove_tags = [
            dict(name='span', attrs={'id': ['postviews']}), dict(name='div', attrs={'class': ['social-share']}), dict(name='p', attrs={'class': ['firma-redazione']})
        remove_tags_after = dict(name='p', attrs={'class': ['firma-redazione']})

        feeds = [
            (u'Aggiornamenti in breve',  u''),
            (u'Locali', u''),
            (u'Lavoro', u''),
            (u'Malapolizia',  u''),
            (u'Interventi', u''),
            (u'Documenti', u''),
            (u'Vignette', u''),

    PRS-950 with PRS+ wifi download ...

    I've installed PRS+ on my 950 so I could download books from the public library (as I do on my T3). When clicking "download" I get the happy message "do you want to download...?" (Before PRS+ it said "format not supported" or something like that). However when clicking "yes" nothing happens... On the T3 there is a little "downloading" message at the very top of the screen. On the 950, nothing... And yes, I browsed in all the folders on the reader to no avail. (I read that the browser downloads are saved in the root of Internal Memory... Not there or anywhere.)

    Any help on this?

    The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

    "The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

    A new Harry Potter book and a new round of stories about midnight book release parties reminded me of the persistent power of words printed on a page to shape children’s lives.

    How do we think about a distinct role for paper, for “book-books” in children’s lives? My own pediatric cause is literacy promotion for young children. I am the national medical director of the program Reach Out and Read, which follows a model of talking with the parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers about the importance of reading aloud, and giving away a developmentally appropriate children’s book at every checkup.

    We are talking about very young children here, and we begin by giving out board books which are designed to be chewed and drooled on by babies who are still exploring the world orally, or thrown down (repeatedly) off the high chair by young children who are just figuring out object permanence and experimenting with ways to train their parents to fetch and retrieve. But the most essential attribute of those board books, beyond their durability, is that they pull in the parent, not only to pick them up, but to ask and answer questions, name the pictures, make the animal noises.


    PDF Conversion Trouble

    Hello. I seem to have similar problem. I have just tried to do my first pfd>epub conversion today.

    During conversion Calibre adds empty lines between paragraphs, so blocks of text that are uniform in pdf (but consists of more than one paragraph) are now splitten in parts.

    Both "remove spacing between paragraphs" and "Add empty line between paragraphs" are turned off.

    When I turn on "remove spacing between paragraphs" Calibre don't break multipragraph blocks of text, but there also no empty lines between multipragraph blocks of text, that are present in the pdf and document becames hard to read.

    I upgraded to 2.65.1, I have reset options to default - still no luck. I don't have custom CSS (everything default).

    History Dumas, Alexandre (père): Salvator [German] V1 28.08.2016

    Alexandre Dumas père; * 24. Juli 1802 in Villers-Cotterêts, Département Aisne; † 5. Dezember 1870 in Puys bei Dieppe, Seine-Maritime) war ein französischer Schriftsteller. Heute ist er vor allem durch seine zu Klassikern gewordenen Historienromane bekannt, etwa Die drei Musketiere und Der Graf von Monte Christo.

    Hier die versprochene Zusammenfassung aller Bände von Salvator.

    Attached Files
    File Type: epub Salvator - Dumas (pere), Alexandre.epub (1.31 MB)

    Mysterious Cover problem on a Kindle

    Moderator: the heading mentions Kindle, but I'd like the posting to remain in Workshop please because I think it is a design/formatting problem.

    I've just finished a horribly complex ebook for a small publisher in the UK. The ebook is under copyright, so I can't give a screen shot or other details.

    Please imagine that the ebook title is The XXXXXX XXX, and it has a cover which has the The and the XXXXXX, centred on separate lines, and XXX on another line but pushed to the right.

    One of the two members of the group who've reviewed the ebook on on her Kindle Voyage states that the cover is distorted in that the 'The' is duplicated, one 'The' above the other, and has sent me a screenshot showing that. Another of the members of the group sees no problem on her Kindle Touch, and I certainly see no problem on my Kindle Keyboard and my Kindle Touch using exactly the same image.

    I designed the ebook in ePub, and converted it to Kindle with calibre. Another reviewer in the group sees no problem with the image in iBooks or Bluefire on her iPad or with the Kindle for iPad app, and I see no problem on my iPad, or my Sony, Kobo Glo, or Lenovo tablet using the ePub version of the same file as sent to the lady with the Kindle Voyage

    The ebook has more than 80 images, and dozens of poems interspersed in the text. The Kindle is more than six Mb.

    Can anyone give me a clue as to what be causing this, or where to go for an answer?

    Onyx T76 Plus with Carta screen?

    I've read this article

    The Onyx T76 Plus seems an upgraded version of T68 Plus: 1gb memory, 8gb internal storage and carta eink screen. It sounds cool!

    What do you think about it?

    More help with Latin please

    I'm struggling to do an annotated version of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo for the MobileRead library. The annotations are mostly translations from Latin.

    In Book Four Chapter Five there is the phrase 'the medical meetings at the stoup of Notre-Dame, ad cupam Nostroe Dominoe;...'

    Searching Google et al gives variations 'on whiskey of Our Lady' for the Latin above, which makes no sense at all to me.

    The source text is riddled with typos, so it's possible that the Latin might be 'ad culpam Nostrae Dominae' or some variation on that, but I can't find a translation which makes any sense.

    Can anyone help, or point me to where I can find out what I should put as a translation?

    Path separator not working in CC templates?

    So, here's a bug that I figured out how to get around while typing it up, (I was doing things the hard way, and now just use the Calibre path.), but it still seems like a bug and I feel I should report.

    So, I have a field called #savepath that contains '{#genre}/{title} - {id}'.

    If I put {#savepath} as the save template in Calibre, a book, for example, gets saved correctly to 'Science Fiction/Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic - 3209.epub' pretty much everywhere, including CC if it's using the Calibre file path. It works fine.

    However, putting {#savepath} as the *CC* template, and using that, results in a file in the top CC directory named 'Science Fiction_Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic -'.

    It doesn't notice I'm trying to make a subdirectory. And then, I presume, is forced to change the / it cannot put in a filename to a _.

    This behavior, I guess, would be reasonable if CC just didn't want to put books in subdirectories, but it will happily put them there if *Calibre* tells it to. So I suspect it's a bug.

    The 'Remove accents' option is off, just in case anyone is wondering if that's relevant.

    I only had time to test this using the wireless device connection.

    Screen replacement of Onyx Boox M96 Plus

    Hello together

    I know this is a very delicate question. There are a lot of people who will now say something like: “ship it to Boxtor or to another store and let them do the repair for you." And they were right if I still would need the device. But I broke the screen about a half year ago and until now the device was in a drawer. In fact, I've even considered to let it repair in Boxtors shop (the place where I bought it, very good service :)), but in my opinion the repair was, especially with the shipping costs and the costumes (I live in a country where shipping to other countries is very expensive) too pricy.
    So now I've got the time and the motivation, so I would like to do the repair myself.
    I know that I can't only replace the screen, I need to adjust the residual charge compensation voltage VCON if the voltage of the new screen isn't the same of my screen. Now my question: How do I can change this voltage.
    Is it possible to do this with sort of a test mode app (for example used in a Sony PRS T1, explained in its service manual, page 11)? Or do I have to flash a chip like it is described in this topic for the M92?
    Would it be possible to do it with the recovery update, like for the M92, too? And where can I download the update for an M96 Plus?

    Thank you very much for a response.
    Best regards and have a nice Sunday

    Pocket app for Jailbreak PW3

    Hi. I looked for a thread about this but couldn't find any. I have a PW3 that i jailbreaked some weeks ago and was wondering if there is a app that i could install using jailbreak to get my pocket feed. I had a Kobo and they have a native app for this.

    I know about the sites that foward from time to time my list, but i wanted a app.

    Thanks for the help.


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