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  • KOReader does not refresh on Boox Max 2 & Boox Note
  • Conversion to epub. Select lang.
  • claibredb export progress indicator
  • Finding your most recent Users’ Guide
  • Oasis 1 and Charging Issues
  • Marvin - iOS Share sheet issue
  • OCRmyPDF adds OCR text layer to scanned PDF files
  • Output profile for iPad Pro 2017 12.9
  • epub==>azw3 cannot read book on Kindle
  • Default "find" for Search/Replace regex functions
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  • Calibre with GUI in Far East caracthers-please help!!
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    Other Non-Fiction Turgenjév, Iwan S.: Neu-Land V.1.0 [German] 21.01.2018

    Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenew war ein russischer Schriftsteller. Turgenew war einer der Ersten in der russischen Literatur, die die alltäglichen Nöte und Ängste der russischen Gesellschaft thematisierten.(Wikipedia)

    Hier das letzte Buch von mir von Turgenev

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    File Type: epub Neuland.epub (1.13 MB)

    calibredb --password <pwfile>

    Hi Kovid,

    it seems I forgot something. Can you give me a hint?

    I can do the following CLI command:

    calibredb list --with-library "http://didel-dum:12345/" --fields=authors,title,*cod_y --username TestUser --password TestPw --for-machine>_y.txt

    with this options I became the info forbidden or the username/password combination is incorrect:

    calibredb list --with-library "http://didel-dum:12345/" --fields=authors,title,*cod_y --username TestUser --password stdin --for-machine>_y.txt

    Same for the combination password file.
    calibredb list --with-library "http://didel-dum:12345/" --fields=authors,title,*cod_y --username TestUser --password dideldum.txt --for-machine>_y.txt

    I thought, this had work when I test it long time ago but now it seems I'm not able to get this running again with a password file.

    Additional question, if I remember correct, I didn't need the switch --username if I use a file but maybe I am wrong. In the past I used a text file like dideldum.txt with a single line including username and password with a space between: TestUser TestPw.

    I am a bit lost on this, as it seems that no combination will do what I like to do except the first version as command line with direct input.

    System Windows10-64Bit actual version
    calibre 64Bit

    KOReader does not refresh on Boox Max 2 & Boox Note

    But strangely, it refreshes when you switch to A2 display mode, though with poor display effect.

    Conversion to epub. Select lang.

    Would it be possible to have this tweak? both in titlepage and in the rest of xhtml files.
    Thanks in advance. :)

    claibredb export progress indicator

    Win10 --

    I use the export option in calibredb to make a flat folder of just the epubs and the azw3 files:


    calibredb export --all --dont-save-cover --dont-write-opf --format azw3 --single-dir --template "{authors}-{series}{series_index:0>2s|[|]-}{title}" --to-dir "L:\test"
    There's no progress indication of anything happening

    Would it be possible to write the file name being copied to the window?

    It's a little disconcerting to just watch an empty window


    Finding your most recent Users’ Guide

    On my kindle Oasis 1 there are preloaded 3 user guides, the original one and a version 2 and 3.

    I’m trying to edit the Household settings and the description of how to do it in the various guides do not fit with the way my device currently works (when I followwhat they suggest it just isn’t set up that way on my device).

    Oasis 1 and Charging Issues

    There are two things about my Oasis 1 I don’t like. The first is the shape of the screen and the second is how the charge is held partly in the case and partly in the device. I always seem to delink the two and it is quite maddening. It makes me prefer my old PW3.

    Are there tricks to holding the device so that the case and the device both stay charged as long as possible?

    Marvin - iOS Share sheet issue

    I'm not sure if this is a Marvin issue or an iOS issue, but i used to be able to Airdrop books from device to device and there was a choice on the receiving device as to which App to open the pub.

    However, now, on my iPhone with 11.2.2 and my iPad 11.2.1 - the airdrop book opens directly in iBooks and does not give me a choice to open in Marvin.

    Anyone else having the same problem or having similar issues? or thoughts on how to solve?

    thanks all

    OCRmyPDF adds OCR text layer to scanned PDF files

    Just stumbled over this wonderful tool:

    * Generates a searchable PDF/A file from a regular PDF
    * Places OCR text accurately below the image to ease copy / paste
    * Keeps the exact resolution of the original embedded images
    * When possible, inserts OCR information as a "lossless" operation without rendering vector information
    * Keeps file size about the same
    * If requested deskews and/or cleans the image before performing OCR
    * Validates input and output files
    * Provides debug mode to enable easy verification of the OCR results
    * Processes pages in parallel when more than one CPU core is available
    * Uses Tesseract OCR engine
    * Supports more than 100 languages recognized by Tesseract
    * Battle-tested on thousands of PDFs, a test suite and continuous integration

    There is an official package in Debian Linux for those using Linux.

    I have used it so far to postprocess both a Spanish and English language PDF of my own making, and i am very happy with the results.

    Output profile for iPad Pro 2017 12.9

    Hi all,

    I am converting TO PDF, so I can read my book on my iPad Pro 2017 12.9" tablet, and annotate using PDF Expert which I love.

    The iPad's specs are: Display size 12.9-inch, Display resolution 2732 × 2048 px, Pixel density 264 ppi.

    Which Output Profile should I use? "iPad 3" (2048x1536)? "Default Output Profile" (1600x1200)? Or maybe just "Tablet"?



    epub==>azw3 cannot read book on Kindle

    I've been working on a book conversion. I have text I scraped off the web browser screen and have had to hack at the html/css a lot to get a properly working ebook.

    So, I finally got the epub looking just the way I want it (without all the extraneous crap on the web page), UTF8 characters all display, lines wrap properly (which they didn't at first).

    so then I convert to azw3 to put it in my Kindle for PC (version 1.17), copy it over to that computer and drop it in MyKindle<whatever> directory, open up the Kindle Reader, choose the book. well, to my surprise, I get a proper screen for displaying the book, but it is empty, just gray. the left and right arrows are there, and the various screen headers are there, but nothing displays and none of the buttons change that.

    Crazy thing is, this azw3 displays fine in Calibre, and the Calibre conversion log shows no errors.

    so I convert epub ==> mobi, and the mobi works fine on the Kindle Reader.

    anybody got a clue where I should start?

    (I can't really upload the azw3, since I can't distribute this ebook.)

    this is done using Calibre 3.15 on Linux.

    thanks, in advance!

    Default "find" for Search/Replace regex functions

    From what I understand from reading the "Function mode for Search & replace in the Editor" section of the manual, although the search/replace function is saved, the find string isn't. Thus, we have to enter the find string every time we use the saved function. This means we either have to remember them or store them elsewhere, the former being difficult when the strings are complicated, and the latter being unnecessary duplication.

    I'd like to request that we be able to specify the default find string for a saved regex function. That way, when we chose a saved function from the dropdown list, it would also fill in the find string with our default. We could change the find string at that point if we wanted to, but at least it's initially populated with the "normal" default. (And, of course, if we didn't want a default, we would just leave that line empty.)

    Maybe it's just a

    default_find = "blahblahblah"
    as the first line in the saved function, or maybe it's something else. Anything that lets us keep the default find with the function so we don't have to remember it.


    Amazon Raising Price on Monthly Prime Plan

    Amazon is raising the price of Prime monthly memberships by nearly 20 percent


    Amazon Prime memberships are getting more expensive for those customers who want the flexibility to pay for the speedy shipping and media streaming program on a monthly basis.

    The company is announcing on Friday that the Amazon Prime monthly fee is increasing from $10.99 to $12.99 in the U.S., an increase of 18 percent. The new price works out to nearly $156 a year.

    The price of Amazon’s monthly Prime program for students, which just launched this past fall, is also jumping 18 percent — from $5.49 to $6.49.

    At the same time, the cost of a monthly Prime Video membership, which doesn’t include shipping benefits, will remain at $8.99; the monthly Prime membership option for customers on government assistance will also remain unchanged at $5.99.

    Calibre with GUI in Far East caracthers-please help!!

    Hi all,

    just downloaded calibre-64bit-3.15.0.msi but I cannot understand nothing!

    The Gui is in far east characters, chinese? japanese? korean?

    windows 7 professional 64 bit
    See attach

    Please help

    thanks a lot


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    Hi Hello

    first time with Calibre!

    Happy to join the community

    Marc from Italy


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