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  • Firmware 4.8.10956
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  • Is't possible C67ML Carta whit 4gb
  • Probleme mit Serien-Metadaten und Inkpad 3
  • Very Small ProBLems
  • Bookworms: How Do You Read So Many Books?
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  • Series metadata via content server to kobo
  • Caption problem
  • Just add TOC to PDF, but no other changes?
  • Dictionaries for Boox Note
  • 1.8.3 firmware update - any news?
  • Accessories Bought EE, needs replacement battery
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    how "tough" is the kindle oasis 2?

    Hi all, have not had a new ereader in years and am thinking the oasis because I love to read in the tub with my rubber ducky. I am just wondering, with a screen protector how tough is the oasis or am I a fool to even consider such a sweet reader without a cover. and if I did go with a cover what would be the slimmest lightest available? I would really want to have as little weight in my hand as possible, thanks....

    Firmware 4.8.10956

    Kobo released Firmware 4.8.10956 on the 23rd of April.


    New in version 4.8:
    Enhanced page-turn speed:

    • While reading a Kobo book, hold the bottom corner of your screen to quickly flip through pages in either direction.

    More changes & improvements:
    • In Reading Settings, you can now choose to turn pages by Tapping or swiping, or by Swiping only.

    Happy reading!
    Also seems to tie-in with the new Wishlist at and the Kobo Android app

    Hi all


    I'm a software engineer from China.
    I own a kindle paper white and sony Dpt-rp1

    Grad to meet you guys in this forum.

    Is't possible C67ML Carta whit 4gb

    Good morning! I'm a Tagus lux 2016 ( remarked Onyx Boox C67ML Carta 4gb)
    I search a firmware but everything the one that exists for Carta is of 8gb, and doesn't working fine.
    Is't possible to modify alone the capacity? Is't easy?
    You know where it's firmware?
    Sorry my english
    Thanks very much
    Bests regards

    Probleme mit Serien-Metadaten und Inkpad 3


    Forkosigan - schaust du auch in die englischsprachige Sektion von PocketBook? Dann spare ich mir die Rückübersetzung ins Deutsche. Ich habe da ein Problem mit den Serie-Metadaten und Inkpad 3.

    Danke, Klaus

    Very Small ProBLems

    A very small issue with "change case" into Title Case: It is not working at all if the actual text has 'mixed' cases, but if there are several books edited in bulk, it is just working properly.
    Could that be rectified?

    Another one: For extraction of a book cover from PDF format it is sometimes necessary to open more than 10 pages. Extracting a suitable page using Adobe Reader professional is sometimes problematical, because a page number is required and its not shown by the reader accurately. Therefore, I extract ca. 20 pages as single files a choose from those 20 files the desired one.
    So, is it possible to just add one extra button to the window "Choose cover from PDF" to use if 10 pages are not enough?

    I am looking forward to enjoying calibre for a long time to come!
    Sincerely yours
    Peter Faber

    Bookworms: How Do You Read So Many Books?

    This question is aimed at those who read more than two books a week; how do you do it. I'm fascinated by youtubers who review so many books in a month and would like to know if they're reading in their sleep :book2:

    Please don't mention speed reading. I know the principles, but don't like the practise. I spead-read when I was a student, because I had to, but feel that it detracts from the experience of a book.

    So are you reading while asleep? On the loo? Every spare moment? :bookworm:
    Please tell.


    This is my first post since joining Mobileread earlier today, so I would like to, first say a big thank you for having me, & to also take this opportunity introduce myself .

    I am a self-published author with a debut book published on Amazon, & a number of articles & short stories that appear on various blogs & magazines.

    My debut book is now freely available on Smashwords until the 10th of May 2018, please click on the following link to claim your free coupon. Thank you.


    Ribban Bookmark is a dyslexic in denial, a catastrophe unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

    Like a dog looking for a lamp post in a blackout, his search for the finer things in life usually results in wet feet.

    A Minger´s Tale-Beginnings is the first part in this tale of meandering mayhem, misery and mirth.

    Series metadata via content server to kobo

    Is there any way to have series metadata transfered with book when downloading to Kobo Glo using Kobo browser and Calibre content server. The series data is only updated on the device the next time it's connected to computer using USB.

    Caption problem

    Hi evereyone! I need a help for convert propely a Epub to PDF. I have this problem: the image captions are smaller respect to the rest of the text. How can i fix the caption dimensions? Thanks!! Image:

    Just add TOC to PDF, but no other changes?


    Is there a way to tell calibre to just convert the included TOC of the PDF to pages with links actually in the PDF, but not do any other changes to the PDF?

    Dictionaries for Boox Note

    Hi, I've just received my brand new Boox Note and I'd like to add an Italian dictionary to Neoreader 2.0, so that I can have a correct hyphenation on italian ebooks.
    Does anybody know where can I find dictionaries in other languages than english and how can I add them to the reader?


    1.8.3 firmware update - any news?


    In a few days' time it will have been a year since the last firmware update was made available for Onyx readers. Ereader store shows 03 May 2017 date for version 1.8.2. Up to that version there were reasonably frequent releases and then they suddenly stopped.

    I have heard from that store about the new update a few times but recently they just went quiet - no response to my queries:
    • 03/2017: "THe smoothness of scribbled lines will be improved in the update 1.8.3."
    • 08/2017: "Yes, the next update is coming soon."
    • 11/2017: "The 1.8.3 is still in work. We expect to finish it within of the next couple of weeks."
    • 12/2017: "1.8.3 (...) is ready to 87%."
    • 03/2018: no reply
    • 04/2018: no reply

    Does anyone know any news about the future updates?

    Accessories Bought EE, needs replacement battery

    I bought a Entourage Edge on eBay, which was listed for parts due to the fact it was missing its battery. I am wondering if anyone knows where I might possibly be able to buy a battery for the device?


    cli request for ebook location / ebook download

    I'm working on a bash script to automatically convert my ebooks to another format and add them to the library.

    It starts with a search that spits out id author and title from which i have used as variables to give ebook-convert the location and filename (guessed) of the original to convert then to calibredb add_format to add it as an aditional format on the existing book.

    I am coming up against an issue that some of the file names are contractions for length... is there a way of querying the db for the filename and location of the ebook format? or of requesting its download to a location i can then convert and add back to the library?

    I am just starting out with bash scripts and this is proving to be a fun project so any help would be appreciated!

    many thanks


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