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  • How can I make different pages for inflection groups?
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  • Some help appreciated, VoiceView not working
  • how do i get create paragraphs spaces in text on calibre for kindle?
  • Importing books via command line *in the background*?
  • Kindle EY21 replaceable screen.
  • Namespace prefix epub for type on a is not defined...
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    Is this fixable? (inkBOOK Obsidian)

    I received an inkBOOK Obsidian for my birthday (December 31). I've used it quite a bit and have taken very good care of it. Today, I picked it up to use it and found it dead (photos attached). After charging, I turned it on, and the bottom part of the screen seems "stuck". I haven't done anything to damage the reader, but this certainly looks like damage to the eInk screen to me. There's a one year warranty, but I'm afraid the company is going to try to say I damaged it.

    Any advice?

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    Buying Aura One from Japan

    Since Kobo is out of stock on the Aura One, I'm thinking of buying one on ebay from Japan. Are there any features like Overdrive access that might not be on a Japanese model? Thanks

    K5 No update to 5.3.7 after DeBricking


    first of all, thank you all for great stuff!
    I have issue with upgrading my Kindle to newest version. I need that because I've lost access to my books.
    Here is whole story from beginning.
    I have had my kindle unused by several months, and I've found my kindle in "Needs Repair" state.
    I have performed following steps:
    1. Recompile MfgTool for Win10 x64 (I will upload later)
    2. Go to Diags Mode
    3. Enable Fast Boot by "Install FastBoot Bundle" from "Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags" menu
    4. Flash diags partition with image from here:
    5. Go to Diags Mode again
    6. Using SSH flash main partition according to:
    7. Update from version 5.1.2 to version with official image
    8. Got issue with official image
    I have copied official image to Kindle by USB, and enter Settings->Update My Kindle.
    It reboots and starts up. Nothing happens.

    Could somebody give me any clues?

    Thanks & Regards,

    How can I make different pages for inflection groups?


    I'm making a custom dictionary for Kindle.

    I've noticed that if there are two entries of the same word then my Kindle gives the option to switch the page between the two. Is it possible to make this feature of "changing the page" also for inflection groups inside one entry?

    In the following example it all appears in the same page:

    <idx:entry name="english" scriptable="yes" spell="yes">
    <idx:short><a />
    <p> Definition</p>
    <br /><hr><br /></idx:entry>

    Hi there


    I actually subscribed to this forum years ago - when I was looking for something specific - and forgot all about it!

    Some help appreciated, VoiceView not working

    Okay so when I got my Kindle Paperwhite 3 G090G1 (with SO but amazon disabled them after short livechat, same as with my PW2 because SO are targeted at USA and not Poland) first thing i did is check this VoiceView TTS feature, and while it sounded a bit robotic it was understandable and it worked. I don't remember what firmware i was on but it wasn't latest that's for sure.

    Que few months (I didn't had too much time to read or play with my kindle) I tried jailbreaking it (I had some experience with JB from my PW2) and everything went fine, but I'll list what i did anyway.
    1. I copied everything from Kindle root dir (by dragging kindle drive icon in windows so even hidden "system" got copied too)
    2. Factory Reset > Register > Airplane mode
    3. Downgraded using factory image
    4. Applied Jailbreak (you are jailbroken appeared) > Applied hotfix
    5. Updated to 5.8.7 > KUAL works so i guess JB survived
    6. Installed few things, Python (but later i uninstalled it in process of troubleshooting my VoiceView problem), some kindlets and that's about it.
    7. Decided to try if VoiceView worked, nothing. The external sound card lights up, i could hear static in headphones and in kindle settings "Accesibility" appears but when i clicked on it the switch next to VoiceView was turned off and when i pressed it it would "turn on" and speed, volume, and tutorial options would "ungrey" themselves but no voice would be heard and when i went to volume and changed it around from 1 to 8 i could hear small modulating noise that changed according to what i set there, and also after 30 seconds or so the VoiceView switch would turn itself off and grey the rest of buttons.
    8. I suspected that it could be to somehow corrupted voice files in root of my kindle. So as I couldn't find those files anywhere on the internet (vox_en_us_salli22i and lang_en_us.dat) I tried reinstalling 5.8.7 update.
      But unfortunately kindle would delete the Update file by itself after unplugging if i put it in root and if i put it in mrpackages it would be destroyed when i tried ;log mrpi or pressed kual button. Same thing happened when i tried the same with factory image.
    9. Que me trying to somehow remove JB so it would let me reinstall factory update, i found this thread and tried reseting my kindle to factory settings (fortunately i'm a backup junkie and copied whole kindle root dir again).
    10. So yep, everything got wiped but it would still delete update packages, i tried creating mrpackages and putting update there and running ;log mrpi and sure enough JB survived.
    11. As Mobileread Kindlet Kit got wiped too Kual wouldn't work but somehow after I restored (copied over) everything that was on kindle before it was reset it started working like it did before reset. Nothing was lost, Screensavers, Kindlets.
    My question is, how one can reinstall factory image with that annoying (but surely needed for most people) package destroying mechanic. Can i turn it off somehow? And second, could somebody upload theirs /voice folder contents? Maybe my VoiceView would start working then.

    Thank you for reading and sorry if it isn't right place to post this. :help::iloveyou:

    EDIT: Oh and I just tried installing rescue packs, python and usbnetworking but it seems that MRPI is just destroying them and restarting kindle. How much did I f**k this up ? Should I stop and just deal with the fact that VoiceView isn't working ?

    how do i get create paragraphs spaces in text on calibre for kindle?

    i have a book its a big piece of text without any paragraph spaces


    Importing books via command line *in the background*?


    I've been using a shell script on OS X to import ebooks using the command line tool like this:

    imp="$CALIBREDIR/calibre $BOOKDIR/$book"
    eval "$imp"

    This works, but Calibre jumps to its front to do the import process. When importing a number of books it renders the computer unusable until all the imports are done.

    Is there any way to tell Calibre to do its import in the background so this all happens silently?

    Kindle EY21 replaceable screen.

    Hello! Am stressed out trying to find a replaceable screen for my EY21. Seriously in need of help. :thumbsup:

    Namespace prefix epub for type on a is not defined...


    I try to put footnotes in a book...


      <p>—Jacob Brown<sup><a epub:type="noteref"margin:20px; margin-top:5px">

    <li>↩</a> Adams, <cite>The War of 1812</cite>, p. 256.</p>

    The epub checker shows "ERROR: Parsing failed: Namespace prefix epub for type on a is not defined..." All documentation I found on the web exactly use this pattern to put in footnotes. I'm not sure how to solve the issues. Please help.



    Silliness Run-off Vote for The Couch Potato's Beret Colour

    So, Red or Plum?

    Mystery and Crime Collins, Wilkie: Das Duell im Walde [German] V1 19.01.2017

    Wilkie Collins gilt heute als einer der großen viktorianischen Schriftsteller. Er war ein enger Freund Charles Dickens', in dessen Schatten er nach seinem Tod lange stand. Dickens und Collins schrieben auch gemeinsam Texte. Der bekannteste Roman der beiden ist The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices. Erst im späteren 20. Jahrhundert wurde Collins wiederentdeckt und wird heute wieder verlegt. Wilkie Collins starb am 23. September 1889 im Alter von 65 Jahren in London.

    hier Das Duell im Walde


    Pre-formatted code snippet renders badly

    I have an epub that contains Python code snippets which are not rendered correctly (see attached screenshot).

    Looking into the source code of the epub file, the code fragments are correctly wrapped with XHTML tags.


    <pre data-type="programlisting" data-code-language="python"><code>[</code>... </pre>
    I wonder if this is a problem with css, or something related!? Can anybody perhaps help me with this?

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    Kobo Aura One and Koreader

    I've spent SUCH a long time messing around with my KA1 trying to get Koreader working, with no success. I installed the latest stable release, then saw that it isn't supposed to be compatible. Then I did a factory reset on my KA1, and then reinstalled Kobo Start Menu, and tried installing about five different nightly releases of Koreader. The best I can get is to see "Koreader" on the Kobo Start Menu home screen. When I click it, it flashes, but nothing else. What makes it harder is that the png images don't work in nickel - I click them and nothing happens. So I keep having to power off the device.

    Anybody else struggling to get Koreader working?

    If anyone has it working, which nightly are you using, and which Kobo firmware are you using?

    Stylus Lost

    I have just lost my M96's stylus...
    Buying a new one from is quite expensive (more or less 30 € for the standard one).
    Someone knows if there is a way to have it for a cheaper price?

    Thank you for the answer.



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