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  • Sudden immense battery drain during sleep i86ML
  • Introducing a New Book on YogiLife & its free for 2day !! Need readers & reviewers
  • Aura Can't sign into Facebook on Kobo Aura
  • Endnotes by chapter or at end of book?
  • easy reading statistics reset?
  • Numbering omnibus edition?
  • Update firmware manually
  • Access Kindle Owner's Library from Oasis
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  • SSH over Wi-Fi: Fixed I.P for Kindle?
  • Kindle Dx Battery Replacement Failed
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    Fixed-Layout from Indesing 2015 to Nook

    I have created a fixed-layout epub from Indesign CC 2015 that works great on iBooks but not so great in Nook. When I upload the .epub file to the text looks garbled. I read in an old thread here that saving epub to epub in Calibre would help. But when I try, it gets stuck in 47%. Has anyone been successful uploading a fixed-layout exported from Indesign cc 2015 to Nook? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

    A Book Cover Wall for Marvin 3.0 homescreen.

    I'm referring to the old bookcover wall we had in Marvin Classic for the home screen. But with the release of Marvin 3...I thought it would be cool if we could get an animated wall like Apple iTunes feature showing bookcovers scroll across the screen in a sort of 3D fashion like a carousel. This would be really cool.

    Calibre - switching title and series coloumn


    I have a problem with Calibre. I have imported ebooks and the metadata were taken from the file name. In most cases the file name was author - title.epub. All went well, the metadata were imported correctly to Calibre.

    The problem is: For books which are part of a series, Calibre added the title of the book to the series coloumn whereas the name of the series is in the title coloumn. (Therefore searching for metadata e.g. comments on the net is not working because Calibre does not know that the title is found in the series coloumn.)

    Example: Author: Agatha Christie - Series: Hercule Poirot Mystery - Title: Death on the Nile. "Death on the nile" would be in the series coloumn, "Hercule Poirot Mystery" in the title coloumn.

    Is there a one-click solution to switch the title and series coloumns for several books? Or is there a specific setting that has to be used during the metadata downloading process that tells Calibre that the book title is in the series coloumn?

    Thanks a lot, Carl

    P.S.: Reimporting the books is not an option for me for I don't have the files anymore.

    Sudden immense battery drain during sleep i86ML

    Hi everybody!
    All of a sudden noticed such a problem with my i86ML, firmware 1.7.5, rooted by Kingoroot. The book is set to never switch off, just go to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. So here is the problem: I charge the battery, read for some time and then put the book to sleep. Next day everything is fine. The battery sloooowly discharges. One day I have about 80 per cent left, read as usual, put the device to sleep. Next day I try to switch it on, but the book doesn't react - it is frozen. I restart it by holding the power button for several seconds. The device restarts and when it boots up I find out that the battery charge left is... lo and behold... 8 per cent!!! It is almost fully discharged for some reason. I go to the battery usage screen, and it shows gradual discharge during sleep and then a super abrupt drop from about 80 per cent to 8!! What is that? Is there a way to fix such a ridiculous bug?
    Thank you!!

    Introducing a New Book on YogiLife & its free for 2day !! Need readers & reviewers

    Free from 29th to 31st July.

    About the book :
    A Transcendental Yogi Life, With Eternal Stories, delves deep into the life of Yogi’s who lived amongst us and left an impact that would ripple throughout years to come. Through this book we would experience if the Transcendental life of these Yogi’s can answer the questions of life that plague us all.
    In short its a simple book about simple people with extra-ordinary lives that would add some value to your life.

    Link :

    Thank you

    Aura Can't sign into Facebook on Kobo Aura

    It's as the title says. I reach a screen that says "Success" and tells me not to show the browser link (that I don't see) to anyone. Then it just sits there. Closing the window via the X in the top right corner or the arrow in the top left corner leads me back to the home screen / accounts settings menu where I'm again greeted with no Facebook account and am allowed to sign in again, something i just did.

    Tried this procedure several times, even manually removing the device from my Facebook account directly (it shows up there as an app/login).

    It's not a big deal but I'm annoyed at anything that doesn't work the way it should (thankfully the pinch to zoom was finally fixed).

    The Kobo Android app links to Facebook with ease, I don't even need to confirm anything since both accounts are logged on my phone.

    Any ideas?

    Endnotes by chapter or at end of book?

    I'm working on an EPUB2 of a book that has extensive footnotes throughout, and formatting these as endnotes.

    I'm tossing up as to whether to do these at the end of each chapter, or in a larger section at the end of the book. The major difference I can imagine it would make would be where the endnotes at the end of a chapter amount to several pages to swipe through (though I can put a link to the start of the next chapter), whereas endnotes at the end of a book would mean pages a reader wouldn't have to visit unless they wanted to.

    My inclination is to do a full "chapter" of endnotes at the end of the book, but I'm curious whether people here have observations they can make, especially of things I may not have thought of. I'd appreciate hearing any ideas.

    (p.s. I'm quite comfortable in the coding of these, so I don't need help in how to achieve that. I'm curious if there are compelling reasons for jumping one way rather than the other.)

    easy reading statistics reset?

    Is there any easier way to completely reset the reading statistics (or for example, total hours of reading), than to edit a file inside the device through a computer as suggested in several threads. And of course, without doing a factory reset.

    I would like to reset the statistics after recharging the battery.

    EDIT: Problem solved! A bit too easy... Just uncheck/recheck the reading stat box.

    Numbering omnibus edition?

    I have a series of 5 books, the first three of which are in an omnibus edition and the last two of which are singletons. I'd ideally like to series number them as 1-3, 4, 5 but can't; numbering them 1, 2, 3 makes it look like 4 & 5 are missing; 1, 4, 5 makes it look like 2 & 3 are missing. Short of spitting the omnibus edition, can anyone suggest a good way to deal with this?

    Update firmware manually

    How do I use these to update?

    These are just endless rar files and if I put them on my kindle I don't get an option to update the kindle. I know how to use .bin files to update but I don't get how to use these?

    Access Kindle Owner's Library from Oasis

    I have Amazon Prime membership, and as such am entitled to borrow books from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

    Ok, maybe I'm being an idiot, but I can't figure out how to access it from my Kindle Oasis.

    On my old gen 1 Paperwhite once in the Kindle Store I can just tap the menu button and it appears as one of the options, but not so on my Oasis.

    Can someone help me with this, how do I access the Kindle Owners' Lending Library on a Kindle Oasis?

    MobileRead Week in Review: 07/23 - 07/30

    Just in case you've missed anything, here is the list of our frontpage news this week.

    E-Book General - Reading Recommendations

    SSH over Wi-Fi: Fixed I.P for Kindle?

    On my PW1(jailbroken), I am able to do an ssh login over wifi.
    However, the I.P keeps changing between sessions(DHCP from router).
    There doesn't seem to be any way in the pw1 settings to make this a fixed I.P., like in, say Ubuntu Linux.
    This is useful for keeping a fixed setting on say, my laptop to do a SSH login, instead of checking what the current I.P is every time and then feeding that I.P into the SSH command/client.

    After some fiddling, I got this to work:
    In kterm, I entered: ip addr add <desired I.P> dev wlan0
    <desired I.P> is something like x.y.z.99 which I know will never be allotted by the DHCP.
    Now, I'm able to login on the new, fixed I.P. The above command could obviously be turned into a KUAL extension.

    Some drawbacks:
    1. Existing I.P got from DHCP is also retained(unless I do a "ip addr del .." command). I can continue logging in on this I.P too!
    2. The new I.P is not persistent. It is lost even when the screensaver kicks in.

    Request some help from you experts to polish this hack!

    Kindle Dx Battery Replacement Failed

    I had a number of battery life problems with my Kindle Dx, and then usb connection problems. Although my battery life problems seemed to resolve themselves, the usb connection problems kep worsening until I couldn't transfer files from my computer any more.

    I ordered a battery replacement kit. Due to sensory issues, I can't watch video. Due to a different set of coordination issues, my brother has trouble with tools. I tried to follow his instructions, but the spudger broke. I managed to get part of the back off anyway, but couldn't get farther, so I put it back on.

    (I also had some trouble with the sleep switch, but was able to restore that.)

    Any suggestions?

    The dangerous stroller mistake parents are making

    Medical researchers in Sweden are warning parents about the dangers of draping blankets over strollers during the hot summer months.

    Research shows even thin blankets, including muslin cotton, can create a Thermos-like effect because of bad air circulation.

    “If a child is unable to dissipate the heat and they find themselves in that situation they become dehydrated,” said Ian Pike with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit.

    “Then things sort of get into heat exhaustion and if that’s not taken care of then this quite quickly progresses to heat stroke.”


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