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    Can't eBooks be beautiful if they're not designed?

    I was reading this CNET article about the W3C (Web standards authority) and the IDFP (EPUB authority) will merge to create a "Portable Web Publication" format which should make it easier to embed rich content in ebook format as it would be a pure website instead of a bastardised one.

    What called my attention was not the news article itself, though, but the top comment:


    Without any competition on e-readers, there's little motivation to make the experience better for the end-user. The standards for maximum portability has sucked the art and soul out of everything that makes a book a book. No wonder most still prefer a print version -- design is a complete afterthought.

    I also didn't notice any specific mention of the publishers in the article. From what I can see, the content creators and artists have essentially left the delivery of their finished work in the hands of hardware and software programmers.
    Then, in another news piece, I read this:


    Originally Posted by Mike Perry, Inkling Books
    Ebooks aren’t growing more popular because ebooks are ugly. It is that simple. Even worse, with but one exception, nothing can be done about that. The standards (epub, mobi, and KF8) are awful and don’t allow ebooks to be attractively done.

    And behind much of the problem is the vile Palm Pilot Syndrome (PPS). When ebooks first began to appear on Palm devices, their appearance on that tiny LCD screen was awful. Seeking to make the best of a bad idea, much was made of the fact that someone could change the font size. Yeah, you could choose to have that ugly book in a little font size or a large one, as if that made something bad into something good.

    PPS then locked the ebook creating and reading mentality into various bad ideas:

    1. Ugly is OK. Ugly is normal. Ugly is not to be fixed. Ugly is.

    2. The reader determines the formatting not the publisher. Yeah, that meant they get to change one ugly to a different ugly, including later changing the font rather than the font size. People like that? When I get a book, I want to read it not klutz with how it looks.

    It's true that it would seem that ebooks have reached a plateau, and that Amazon seems to keep a stranglehold in the market. However, the point that "design is an afterthought" and that "ebooks are ugly" made me think. When we talk about "design", it's necessarily about "creation" of a thing. However, when we read a book we're usually not trying to read a created experience, are we? Is there simply no way for eBooks to be beautiful without things like the font type being chosen for us?

    [Plugin] ODTImport

    ODTImport: Import ODT documents into Sigil as epubs.
    (based on Writer2LaTeX)

    Current Version: "0.1"

    This plugin is a very simple Writer2LaTeX 1.4 wrapper, which allows you to import OpenOffice ODT files.

    Credits: Since I'm not that familiar with the ODT file format and Writer2LaTeX, I asked st_albert for help with the configuration and stylesheet files and he kindly provided sample configuration/stylesheet files (config.xml and epub.css) as well as an ODF text document template file (
    If you want to test the template file, unzip and add the custom styles in LibreOffice/OpenOffice via Styles > Load Styles > From file > ODF Text Document Template > This will add a number of custom styles that all start with custom, e.g. custom-body-text.
    Note that these styles are not intended as all purpose styles, they're merely provided to demonstrate how to map custom styles to stylesheet classes.
    For example, the following line in config.xml maps the LibreOffice/OpenOffice custom-body-text style to the p.custom-bodytext class in epub.css.

    <xhtml-style-map name="custom-body-text" family="paragraph" element="p" css="custom-bodytext" />
    If you don't want to use the default config/css files, you can simply delete them from the plugin folder to force Writer2LaTeX to use the default settings. (To display the ODTImport plugin folder select Edit > Preferences > Open Preferences Location.)
    In this case you might find the RemoveInLineStyles plugin helpful, which will allow you to convert all inline styles to classes.

    Warning: Like all other input plugins this plugin will destroy the contents of the currently loaded ePub; make sure to only run it when no epub is loaded.

    System requirements:

    If you're using an older Sigil version, you'll need to install a Python interpreter and select its path in the Manage Plugins dialog box. Since Writer2LaTeX is a Java app, you'll also need to install Java, if you haven't already done so and the Java executable path must be added to the system path. I.e., if you enter java -version in a DOS/terminal window you should get a version number. Otherwise the plugin won't work.
    If you don't get a version number, please read the troubleshooting section of the epubcheck (Java) plugin.


    1. Select Manage Plugins from the Plugins menu. In the Manage Plugins dialog box, select Use Bundled Python, if it isn't already selected. (If your Sigil version doesn't have a Use Bundled Python option, click one of the Auto buttons to detect the path or Set to manually select the Python interpreter path. )
    2. Click Add Plugin and select This will install the plugin, which you can select via Plugins > input > ODTImport.

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    The Partition of Africa by Olivia Folmar Ard Book #1 The Bennett Series - $0.99-

    ***SALE*** $0.99 May 23rd-31st 2016 (Regular price $3.99)

    "In the sea of rush-to-publish books out there. Ard appears to be a true professional and dedicated to her craft." -Amazon Reviewer

    "This author is one to watch." -Amazon Reviewer

    "I think we can expect good things in the future from this novelist!" -Amazon Reviewer

    A good girl. A hunky professor. A jealous ex. What could possibly go wrong?

    Hattie Greene was the typical quiet, nerdy good girl at HKCU . . . until she wasn't. After a lapse in judgment and one vulnerable night spent with Samson Campbell, Ph.D., she's gone from being teacher's pet to professor's mistress.

    Caught between her feelings for Samson and the whispers of her conscience, Hattie moves through each day terrified that her mistake will cost her everything, and things aren't looking good. Claire, her nosy roommate, has a built-in scandal detector, and her vindictive ex Cameron would love to bring her down. With her entire future on the line, Hattie must find a way to come out on the other side.

    The Partition of Africa is a coming of age tale that features romancee, intrigue, and just the right amount of drama. Author Olivia Folmar Ard is a huge fan of Gossip Girl, and that shines through in the first book of The Bennett Series. Download to embark on the thrilling, emotional journey today!



    Used Limited Edition Premium Leather Origami Cover for Kindle Voyage????

    I have had my Voyage for about a month or two now and am being drawn towards the Limited Edition Premium Leather Origami Cover. But the price is a bit daunting. Fortunately Amazon has several used ones for a more palatable
    price. Has anyone had any experience with buying a used one?
    Or do I need to bite the bullet and purchase a new one?

    Disabling OCR while converting a PDF to AZW3 (or, other kindle friendly formats)

    I have some scanned pdf books which I want to read in my Kindle Paperwhite.

    In Kindle PDF files has no thumbnails (covers are not shown in the library).

    So, to get the thumbnail I wanted to covert them into AZW3 as this format supports bookcovers as thumbnails in Kindle's My Library. But when I tried to convert the PDF the OCR automatically tried to generate texts from that scanned PDF which I did not really like because they mess with the original formatting.

    Now, is there anyway to disable the OCR while doing the conversion have have the images scanned from the PDF to keep in the AZW3 (or, any other kindle thumbnail friendly format)?

    However, I have noticed that if the pdf book is not english, the OCR does not work, and it keeps the scanned pages in AZW3, and that's what I exactly want, with english books too!

    fixing directory/metadata variances

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But the issue I am having is that I might have several folders on disk for the same author, even though the metadata for the books only has one author (which is exactly the same across all affected titles)

    I have ended up with two directories: "A. A. Milne" and "A.A. Milne" which both contain some of the books by the author "A.A. Milne" is there any way I can make calibre cleanup after itself and get all of the associated data in one place and reduce the duplicated/spread out of material?

    Handwriting / Note book apps?

    I just picked up the Onxy Boox N96 and can't seem to find any handwriting apps that will work with it? I installed INK reaible PRO and it does not respond with either touch or pen. Installed about 5 other apps and nothing seems to work besides the included Onxy Scrible app.

    Anyone find a good pen writing app that will keep everything organized in different notebooks and shows small thumbnails of your pages?


    I've been using Calibre for about a month on a laptop and a tablet...........very happy with the ease of use.
    I have 2 questions, first is it possible to sort my titles by author.
    Also how to transfer my library from laptop to my tablet library possibly using a USB thumb drive.
    Also a comment about son set me up with it on my laptop and although it as somewhat different from windows when I get more comfortable with it, I'd likely replace my Win 8.1 in the not too distant future.
    Hopefully someone has an answer for me.

    How to Keep Calibre from Appending Numbers to Each Book in a Series

    I know there are tweaks to change *how* Calibre adds the numbers, but are there any tweaks to keep Calibre from adding numbers?

    Unless I have all the parts, and add them in all the right order, the numbers are going to be wrong.

    Saving To Disk Is Messing Up Filenames

    When I select a book in Calibre and click Save to disk it is saving the book but renaming the file. For example a filename with "C++" in it will get renamed to "C__" which is annoying. I have read that this is due to Calibre removing characters that are incompatible with certain operating systems (which I think should be optional not forced) but is there a way to tell cailbre to rename it to "CPP" instead?

    History Danilewski, Gregor: Eine Familienchronik [German] V1 25.05.2016

    Wie ich bereits erwähnt hatte, lebte Gregor Danilewski (vollständiger Name: Grigori Petrowitsch Danilewski) von 1829 bis 1890. Geboren im Charkower Gouvernement (Ukraine), Nachkomme eines Kosakenführers, Sohn eines Gutsbesitzers.
    (Die deutsche Wikipedia kennt ihn immer noch nicht, aber zumindestens der schwedischen ist sein Schaffen einen Eintrag wert.

    Seine interessante Familiengeschichte hat er aufgeschrieben. Dieses Werk ist von Philipp Löbenstein (1824 - 1903) ins Deutsche übersetzt worden und 1874 in der Universal-Bibliothek Nr. 602,603 des Reclam-Verlags mit dem Titel Eine Familienchronik erschienen.
    (In der Original-Vorlage befindet sich das Inhaltsverzeichnis am Ende. In dieser Ebook-Edition ist ein automatisch generierendes Inhaltsverzeichnis eingebaut und die Anmerkungen Löbensteins sind als anklickbare nummerierte Fußnoten erstellt.)

    In dem 1. Kapitel "Urgroßmütterchen" erleben wir u.a. die Flucht seines kosakischen Vorfahren aus Polen und die Ansiedlung in der Ukraine. Auch eine Begegnung mit Peter I. wird geschildert.

    Im Kapitel "Leibgrenadier" trifft der Leser jemanden, der bei dem Putsch der Elisabeth (Tochter Peter I.) und ihre Besteigung auf den Zarenthron geholfen hat. Dieser Leibgrenadier nahm auf Anweisung Elisabeths den Baby-Zar Iwan gefangen. Über dessen weiteres Schicksal erfährt man in Danilewskis Roman Mirowicz.

    Im 3. Kapitel "Katharina II. am Dniepr" erfahren wir von interessanten Episoden während der berühmten Reise der Zarin Katharina II. 1787 zur Krim. Das Kapitel enthält Auszüge aus Briefen Katharinas geschrieben während ihres Aufenthaltes in Kiew. Unterwegs trifft sie den deutschen Kaiser Joseph II. und einen alten Zeitzeugen, der mit Peter I. bei der Schlacht bei Pultawa 1709 dabei war.
    Ergänzend möchte ich erwähnen, dass die Gestaltungen und Planung der Reise durch Potemkin später, historisch allerdings nicht korrekt als "Potemkinsche Dörfer" bezeichnet wurden.

    Betreffs des 4. Kapitels "Großmütterchens Paradies" zitiere ich aus dem Vorwort Löbensteins:

    Die vierte Skizze: „Großmütterchens Paradies“ ist eine reizende Idylle, eine Dorfgeschichte eigener Art, die ohne scheinbar einen historischen Hintergrund zu haben, culturgeschichtlich eine erschütternde, ächt tragische Wirkung hervorbringt. Die unvermeidlichen Conflicte, welche die dem Naturgesetze Hohn sprechende Leibeigenschaft im Gegensatze zu den berechtigten Anforderungen des Individuums nothwendigerweise hervorrufen muß, treten da in der krassesten Gestalt hervor. Wir sehen das Gesetz der Ethik über den Haufen geworfen, die Nothwehr greift zum Verbrechen.

    adding text after svg (not caption) on single page

    Hi all,

    I am trying to put together an illustrated book. I want to place a svg of the image on the page then add text after the image and have this all be on the same page.

    It keeps splitting this into two pages even though there is clearly enough space for both the image and text on the epub page.


      <div100%" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMin meet" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 955 930" width="100%" xmlns:xlink=""><image height="930" width="955" x="0" xlink:href="../Images/Image00001.jpg" y="0" /></svg>

        <p>Here is some text</p>

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    To update or not to update: This is the question

    Hello, I have a Kindle PW2 with the firmware (rooted).
    I'm using the BackDoorLock hack, but for a long time i just didn't connect my kindle to wifi.

    Now, I tried to understand if the many updates are worth or not, are they harmful or good? Here on the forum I read some conflicting opinions, maybe someone can help.

    After I resolve this I'll ask for my oldoer ones (still actively using them...).

    Comixology Launches Comics Subscription Service

    Comixology Launches Comics Subscription Service

    Comixology, Amazon’s digital comics marketplace, is launching Comixology Unlimited, a subscription service offering access to thousands of comics form independent publishers—there are no DC or Marvel titles--for $5.99 per month.

    Comixology Unlimited starts today in the U.S.where it will be free for a month. The service will launch elsewhere in the world at a later date. The new service offers consumers unlimited access to thousands of graphic novels, manga and periodical comics from a broad range of independent publishers including IDW/Top Shelf, Image Comics, Kodansha Comics, Boom!, Fantagraphics, Dark Horse,and Archie. Hit series available through Comixology Unlimited include Saga, Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Lumberjanes, The Incal, Adventure Time and many more.

    Action Abelsen, Olaf K.: Die Schwurhand der Jossi. V1. [German] 25.5.2016

    Ein weiteres Abenteuer:

    Band 8 von Walther Kabels Serie "Abenteuer abseits vom Alltagswege".

    Text und Cover basieren auf der trefflichen Walther-Kabel-Site.

    :thanks:, Jungs! Und ebenso an die unermüdlichen Korrekturleser dort ...

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