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    2018 Easy SEO: Update Your Web Site Copyright Date

    Here’s a quick and easy SEO trick for you.

    We all know that Google indexes freshly updated content on your Web site. Since it’s the New Year, take a moment and check if your Web site copyright notices are updated. Not only do you get that piece of mind from an updated copyright date, but you’ve just updated each page of your Web site since each page should feature a well-designed footer.

    For those of you using PHP, here’s the code to insert into your footer, if it isn’t already there.

    © Copyright < ?php echo date("Y") ?>

    Easy, huh? (Yes, I have blogged this SEO tip before.)


    I love you, German cleverhacken visitor…


    New android-app:// referrer

    A few days ago, I noticed a new referrer to cleverhack, android-app://

    Glancing at the user log, it seems that it’s a referrer from a Google search box within an Android OS app.

    android-app referrer

    Here are some observations about the android-app referrer via Webmaster World, and here’s the official Android developer documentation for search.

    Have you seen the android-app referrer?

    Google Concert Tour Info

    Hot damn, Google now has concert tour information for your favorite acts. The tour info appears to be geo-located and apparently works whether you are logged into your Google account or not. As I write this, all of these are upcoming touring acts for the Philadelphia, PA area.

    Sigur Ros Tour Google SERP Sigur Ros

    Henry Rollins Tour Google SERP Henry Rollins

    So I wonder how tour pages can be optimized for Google. For example, if you search Dave Matthews tour, the tour dates don’t explicitly show.

    Dave Matthews Tour Google SERP Dave Matthews

    On the other hand, the links to venues and to buy tickets are buried in another layer of the Dave Matthews Web site. My best guess right now is that if a tour page links out to venue/ticket information, it gets preferential treatment in Google results.

    Twitter for iPhone User Agent

    Earlier this week, I had a cleverhack visitor who clicked on the URL in my Twitter bio. Since they were using the Twitter for iPhone app, and the app does not open a mobile Web browser, a unique Twitter for iPhone user agent showed in the visitor logs.

    Twitter for iPhone User Agent

    Netscape 5.0
    Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 9_3_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/13E238 Twitter for iPhone

    Twitter for iPhone UA

    Interesting, huh?

    Check My IP Address On Google

    This is a cool Google feature. If you type in “Check My IP” into Google, Google will return your device’s current public IP address. (I tested this on my laptop connected to wifi and my iPhone connected to AT&T.)

    This is a great tip for those occasions when you need to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue.

    Check My IP Address on Google

    PS - Yes, I edited the IP Address in the screenshot, as you all know, an IPv4 IP Address should have four octets like ranging between to

    Questionable Twitter Growth Hacks

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been on the receiving end of list notifications that look like the following. Seeing a list notification is nothing new, but this *cough* “Twitter growth strategy” *cough* appears to be awfully automated.




    Up until a few weeks ago, I observed a different attention grabbing tactic where I would initially see a list notification or an actual follow. Then, a few days later, the new (to me) account would favorite an old - could be days or event months old - tweet which somehow intersected with their interest. (Let’s just say a good number of so-called marketing and other B2B services used this strategy, and not too many consumer or personal Twitter accounts.) When I still didn’t follow back within 24 or 48 hours of the favorited tweet (there was no engagement with me otherwise), the account would then unfollow me.

    It’s one thing if I noticed this scenario once or twice. For a while I was seeing several accounts try this “growth strategy” *each day*. The faux engagement actions are questionable enough, but the automation of faux engagement is…off-putting. I don’t know what social media marketing program is enabling these Twitter “growth hacks”.

    Who Is A Sales Engineer?

    If you’ve ever participated in a sales deal for a hardware or software — or other technology — product, you’ve probably been introduced to a Sales Engineer (sometimes called a Presales or Solutions Consultant). But who are they?

    Sales Engineers are the front-facing technical experts for a product or a solution. She or he will possess deep product expertise (if not product certifications), readily architect product solutions, easily anticipate and overcome sales objections, and they understand the competitive landscape.

    Typically, Sales Engineers are brought into the sales process either during or after prospect qualification, depending on the initial technical expertise of the salesperson and how the prospect is qualified.

    The duties of a Sales Engineer include conducting discovery calls to determine business process and technical requirements, presenting impactful in-person and Web-based presentations and demonstrations to technical personnel and executives, sometimes creating and administrating Proof of Concepts (POC) for sales deals, responding to RFPs/RFIs, relaying prospect and/or customer needs to product management or customer success, and sometimes even account management.

    All in all, Sales Engineers are a critical part of the sales process. Do you agree?

    Now this is a ridiculous referer domain

    For those of us who were curious, the maximum length of a domain name can be 63 characters. An enterprising spammer used about 57 of them (I could be wrong, I stopped counting) for his URL referer in the screenshot below.

    In case you were wondering about long domain name efficacy for SEO, Moz advises to avoid domain names longer than 15 characters.

    Ridiculous Referrer URL

    Add a pink beating heart to your Gmail subject lines

    Earlier today, I peeked into my Gmail spam folder only to see an email message with what looked to be a gif in the subject line. I have seen a lot on the Internet, but a moving image in a subject line was a first.

    beating pink subject line heart

    Upon closer examination of the email, it appears that the spammer in this case used =?UTF-8?B?876sjQ===?= inline in the subject line to create the beating heart effect. To add to the fun, the body of the message used inline Windows-1252 encoding, I suppose to try to get around spam filters. Below is a partial sample of the email encoding…

    <meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Type" content=3D"text/html;=charset=3DWindows-1252">
    </meta></head><body><div"color:#5C5E93; =font-size:21pt">
    &#105;=&#102;o&#117;n&#100; yo&#117;r &#112;&#104;o&#116;os i&#110;
    =f&#97;&#99;eb&#111;&#1444;o&#107; . &#121;o&#117; a&#114;e=&#114;ogue!&#33;

    There is a part of me that respects the ingenuity, although this totally got stuck in spam filters.

    Also, here’s a tweet about the beating heart, according to stack overflow, the UTF encoding refers to a Google specific emoji set.

    #ProTip #LifeHack
    A =?UTF-8?B?876sjQ==?= in the subject line translates to a pink, beating heart for Gmail users.

    — Izzy Galvez (@iglvzx) November 2, 2015


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